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  • Yamaha Motor Canada

    Yamaha Motor Canada

    2.0 (17 reviews)
    • Water Transport
    • www.yamaha-motor.ca

    "New boat came with a ripped back seat and a bad chipped in the engine cover. I be on my dealer about this issues. He showed me the messages he sent to Yamaha. Its been over 2 years and they still have not fixed my boat. Now..."

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  • Simrad Yachting

    Simrad Yachting

    2.9 (19 reviews)
    • Water Transport
    • www.simrad-yachting.com

    "Simrad AP/28 will not turn on. Where can I send it for repair? Thanks, Larry McDade
    The unit is no longer under warranty"

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  • Ranger Boats

    Ranger Boats

    2.0 (19 reviews)
    • Water Transport
    • www.rangerboats.com

    "Bought a 2018 RT198 P brand new, first month of ownership starter would stay cranking after starting boat, fried 1 starter, they replaced starter and ignition switch. Got it. Back and it happened again, I would have to disconnect..."

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  • Triton Boats

    Triton Boats

    2.2 (10 reviews)
    • Water Transport
    • www.tritonboats.com

    "I have heard nothing back from triton boats.I am not sure they read email! I want to get this resolved asap."

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  • Honda Marine

    Honda Marine

    2.1 (15 reviews)
    • Water Transport
    • marine.honda.com

    "Honda claims the motor overheated and was low on oil as if that's acceptable for a new like motor!!! I no longer trust the "Honda True 5 warranty"! 5 years with no strings attached is not what I thought it was. FYI... The motor..."

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  • Godfrey Marine

    Godfrey Marine

    3.0 (15 reviews)
    • Water Transport
    • www.godfreymarine.com

    "They NEVER WILL TALK TO THE CUSTOMER . No warranty item is easy to deal with. Made poorly, even the dealership can not get answers."

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  • MasterCraft


    2.0 (10 reviews)
    • Water Transport
    • www.mastercraft.com

    "Liiking to buy a vaccuum hose converter for a 2 1/2 inch for the dust extraction port on my Mastercraft band saw. Not available in any hardware store in my area (Moncton, NB)
    Model number 055-6***-*"

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  • Mercury Marine

    Mercury Marine

    2.1 (13 reviews)
    • Water Transport
    • www.mercurymarine.com

    "Just bought new boat for me 2023 mercury engine wanted to see about transferring warranty.thanks Ray"

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  • Mako Boats

    Mako Boats

    2.4 (7 reviews)
    • Water Transport
    • www.mako-boats.com

    "No electricity to the engine. Cant start it Changed the battery and everything is powered except the engine."

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  • Misty Harbor Boats

    Misty Harbor Boats

    1.6 (9 reviews)
    • Water Transport
    • www.mistyharborboats.com

    "My Misty Harbor tritoon aluminum silver anodixed underskirt strip fell off my boat. The rivet anchors broke and dropped the part while under way. The replacement part $118. Viaggio has no dealers that carry this part in my area...."

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