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Waste And Recycling Services
  • Waste Management

    Waste Management

    1.8 (806 reviews)
    • Waste And Recycling Services
    • www.wm.com

    "started on September 2nd 2021. I sat my garbage out on the 2nd and they were suppose to pick my trash up on the following Friday. so I waited till Wednesday to call them and see if they were going to get my trash and they said..."

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  • Republic Services

    Republic Services

    1.4 (461 reviews)
    • Waste And Recycling Services
    • www.republicservices.com

    "If you cancel service because they are the highest residential trash service and they keep raising prices they will charge you until the end of the month. They also charge $30 PER BIN to pic up receptacles. GOUGE services."

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  • Advanced Disposal

    Advanced Disposal

    1.4 (172 reviews)
    • Waste And Recycling Services
    • www.advanceddisposal.com

    "Took a month to pick up our garbage after numerous phone calls. Changed garbage service, but still have their container that they won't come and get."

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  • Rumpke


    1.7 (166 reviews)
    • Waste And Recycling Services
    • www.rumpke.com

    "Been a customer of Rumpke for over 50 years, but my recent experience with Rumpke has left me feeling as a victim of crime. Driver picked up several cans and threw my personal garbage can into the truck, crushed it, and drove..."

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  • Waste Pro Usa

    Waste Pro Usa

    1.9 (156 reviews)
    • Waste And Recycling Services
    • www.wasteprousa.com

    "richard blanco answered phone. explained 6 mo backlog on replacment garbage and recycle cans.
    of 3 sites needed, we got one site already delivered the next day.
    i am in contact with office to get the added ones broken tops and ruste..."

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  • American Disposal Services

    American Disposal Services

    1.4 (121 reviews)
    • Waste And Recycling Services
    • www.americandisposal.com

    "I would like to have my account credited for a number of missed yard waste pickups. They didn't come last week because an email was sent that pickup would be Saturday and that didn't happen. Its probably not going to happen..."

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  • Budget Dumpster

    Budget Dumpster

    1.7 (119 reviews)
    • Waste And Recycling Services
    • www.budgetdumpster.com

    "I rented a 30 yard dumpster for 10 days. If I didn't schedule the dumpster to be picked up prior to the rental period, I am charged; however now that I requested a pickup they are not willing do do so for another 30 days minimum..."

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  • Wca Waste Corp

    Wca Waste Corp

    1.5 (118 reviews)
    • Waste And Recycling Services
    • wcawaste.com

    "I have 6-7 dumpsters on site in North port Florida. Can not reach anyone to empty or request an extra one. The emails have gone unanswered for a week and half...help ! 941 237 ****."

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  • County Waste And Recycling

    County Waste And Recycling

    1.6 (50 reviews)
    • Waste And Recycling Services
    • www.county-waste.com

    "Delayed pickups or no pickup at all. Finally got my service cancelled after days of no answering the phone."

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  • Curbside Waste

    Curbside Waste

    1.7 (34 reviews)
    • Waste And Recycling Services
    • www.curbsidewasteinc.com

    "I cancelled my service with Curbside Waste on April 26, 2019 and the account was paid in full at the time of cancellation.
    Over a year after I cancelled my service with them on June 22, 2020 the following charge appeared on my cred..."

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