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Waste And Recycling Services
  • Waste Management

    Waste Management

    1.4 (870 reviews)
    • Waste And Recycling Services
    • www.wm.com

    "They will answer a customer call only to put you on Death Hold. I have tried to reach them over a half dozen times re issues with billing. I have never gotten so far as to speak with a live human being. Their phone tree has hung..."

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  • Republic Services

    Republic Services

    1.4 (536 reviews)
    • Waste And Recycling Services
    • www.republicservices.com

    "This is a worthless company nothing but liars work there you cant talk to a manager theyre all stupid retarded they dont understand right from wrong their customer service rating is below zero these are the most worthless people..."

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  • Rumpke


    1.7 (190 reviews)
    • Waste And Recycling Services
    • www.rumpke.com

    "Basically it took 7 tries before I got the phone to talk to someone. I didn't reali,e it would take 3 to 4 weeks to receive a new can which to me is aong time to wait. I don't remember er waiting that long the first time we..."

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  • Advanced Disposal

    Advanced Disposal

    1.3 (176 reviews)
    • Waste And Recycling Services
    • www.advanceddisposal.com

    "I have a on going miss pick up. You skip picking up my garbage nobody cares then you send me a bill for the same amount if it gets picked up or not. This is one *** of a scam you got going here. The god of Beach Park Il. wont let..."

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  • Waste Pro Usa

    Waste Pro Usa

    1.5 (165 reviews)
    • Waste And Recycling Services
    • www.wasteprousa.com

    "They are our city's waste management contract, but they won't pick up select trash, then say there will be an additional fee. In my case $300 dollars to pick up tree limbs! This is BS and is wrong. Palm Coast will find a new..."

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  • American Disposal Services

    American Disposal Services

    1.4 (131 reviews)
    • Waste And Recycling Services
    • www.americandisposal.com

    "Well, like most complaints posted, my trash/recycling/yard waste are not picked up on a regular basis at all - lots of email excuses w/delays, but they do want your money quickly - they have a payment portal for online payments,..."

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  • Budget Dumpster

    Budget Dumpster

    1.5 (136 reviews)
    • Waste And Recycling Services
    • www.budgetdumpster.com

    "What a Racket
    Rented a 30-yard dumpster for the first two weekends in August. Dumpster was used to clean out my old house. Paid $740 with a 2-ton limit. Threw out 3 appliances (Stove, Washer and dryer) total weight about 600 pounds..."

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  • WCA Waste Corp

    WCA Waste Corp

    1.4 (114 reviews)
    • Waste And Recycling Services
    • wcawaste.com

    "I am Trying to get a hold of GFL trash company to cancel my trash service for the end of December but have not been able to get a hold of anybody. How am I supposed to cancel the trash service if I cant talk to anybody"

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  • GFL Environmental

    GFL Environmental

    1.3 (92 reviews)
    • Waste And Recycling Services
    • gflenv.com

    "I am moving and wanted to cancel my service. Tried calling numerous times after holding for as long as 30+ minutes the call is disconnected. Wrote to contact us on the website got error message and when it went thru I got no..."

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  • County Waste And Recycling

    County Waste And Recycling

    1.6 (62 reviews)
    • Waste And Recycling Services
    • www.county-waste.com

    "canceled service and they have failed to pick up the cans or issue my refund. It has been six weeks. They do not answer the phones and do not respond to emails."

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