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  • AmeriGas


    1.4 (710 reviews)
    • Utility
    • www.amerigas.com

    "Go with ANY other propane company!! Absolutely the worst propane company out there. They sneak in an annual fee as soon as your balance is paid off. Do not close your account when asked to do so they can keep on billing you late..."

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  • Direct Energy

    Direct Energy

    2.4 (276 reviews)
    • Utility
    • www.directenergy.com

    I was a loyal customer of Direct Energy for approximately 13 years or more for my current location. I always paid my account on time. I was on the budgeted plan until JULY 2021, when I received notice via my bill that this amou..."

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  • Shell


    1.8 (296 reviews)
    • Utility
    • www.shell.com

    "Someone has access to my credit card number and purchasing gas on it. I have not used this card in over a month. Paid off and quit using it!"

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  • Suburban Propane

    Suburban Propane

    1.3 (335 reviews)
    • Utility
    • www.suburbanpropane.com

    "I forgot to update this before. It's been 6 months now. I apologize for that. The Norton, VA offfice Customer Service Representatives were cordial to me concering that. It's best to call the local offices for Suburban Propane,..."

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  • Entergy


    1.5 (346 reviews)
    • Utility
    • www.entergy.com

    "Attempted to pay my son's electric bill was on hold for 35 minutes and told they don't take payments. Finally I got an answer and the customer service person - who was very nice- gave me a number to call which just hung up on me..."

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  • Eversource


    1.3 (250 reviews)
    • Utility
    • www.eversource.com

    "I only have less than $300 in electric bill included pass due amount and I already made payment arrangements but somehow my payment didn't get through on the promised date due to electronic issue. Because of that, they scheduled..."

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  • Valero


    2.1 (214 reviews)
    • Utility
    • www.valero.com

    "10/02/21 my boyfriend And I went into a Valero gas station in Costa Mesa California on harbor blvd. using a $15 prepaid fuel card we did not use all of the balance and had a remaining balance of $5.95. the gas station employee..."

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  • ARCO


    1.8 (215 reviews)
    • Utility
    • www.arco.com

    "I subscribed for the $20 oz coffee subscription twice and got charged twice , but the bar code does not work. I tried at 3 different participating locations . I get treated as if I used the offer already for the day instead of hel..."

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  • Duke Energy

    Duke Energy

    1.7 (211 reviews)
    • Utility
    • www.duke-energy.com

    "Random call about disconnection,. Concerned about scam. Trying to find bill info to pay. Willing to pay. No option on this line for help!!!"

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  • Florida Power And Light Company

    Florida Power And Light Company

    1.8 (195 reviews)
    • Utility
    • www.fpl.com

    "Elec went out can you answer a phone ? How long will it be out? Why do I have to write 100 letters to report outage? Omg this is crazy."

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