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  • AmeriGas


    1.4 (707 reviews)
    • Utility
    • www.amerigas.com

    "We ordered gas before an ice storm. Ran out of gas during. They finally came after being in the cold for 5 days. They finally came, but we closed our account and obtained new services, after being assured would get a credit for..."

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  • Direct Energy

    Direct Energy

    2.4 (276 reviews)
    • Utility
    • www.directenergy.com

    I was a loyal customer of Direct Energy for approximately 13 years or more for my current location. I always paid my account on time. I was on the budgeted plan until JULY 2021, when I received notice via my bill that this amou..."

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  • Suburban Propane

    Suburban Propane

    1.3 (335 reviews)
    • Utility
    • www.suburbanpropane.com

    "Closed our account and stopped delivery in March of 2021.
    August of 2021, we get a random bill of $275 for them to remove their tank. There was no mention that there would be a tank removal fee, but here we are 5 months later with..."

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  • Shell


    1.8 (290 reviews)
    • Utility
    • www.shell.com

    "Info on deceased information for husband. I need benefits information or someone who can help me because I have questions"

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  • Entergy


    1.5 (340 reviews)
    • Utility
    • www.entergy.com

    "My house was over powered for two years burning up numerous appliances in my house. The transformer that was over powering my house only fed power too my house so over time I kept having stuff go out in my house. I blamed..."

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  • Eversource


    1.3 (250 reviews)
    • Utility
    • www.eversource.com

    "I only have less than $300 in electric bill included pass due amount and I already made payment arrangements but somehow my payment didn't get through on the promised date due to electronic issue. Because of that, they scheduled..."

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  • Valero


    2.1 (212 reviews)
    • Utility
    • www.valero.com

    "I'm not mad in anyway just ask a ? Just want this on my credit report I pay early should have great credit"

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  • ARCO


    1.8 (211 reviews)
    • Utility
    • www.arco.com

    "The cashier named Edith was mad with me and deny to refund the difference amount.They need the proper training."

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  • Duke Energy

    Duke Energy

    1.6 (202 reviews)
    • Utility
    • www.duke-energy.com

    "Received email that is not what I gave customer service to start new service. I need to speak to someone asap"

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  • Florida Power And Light Company

    Florida Power And Light Company

    1.8 (186 reviews)
    • Utility
    • www.fpl.com

    "Complete waste of time. You can't call anyone. Automated... No Humans to explain there error. So far I have 3hrs. invested. Yea I'm pissed!
    Don't go paperless."

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