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  • Argosy University

    Argosy University

    1.3 (20 reviews)
    • Universities, Colleges and Schools

    "Wikipedia is considered to be the Worlds most significant tool for reference material. The Wiki links show up on the 1st page of Google 97% of the time. With a Page on one of the most revered reference tools, you are sure to get y..."

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  • Baker College

    Baker College

    1.4 (23 reviews)
    • Universities, Colleges and Schools

    "Was in the Echocardiogram Program. I got great grades, did not get into the program because there was no spots. When I applied to the program this was never explained to me. This was about money. They kept accepting more and more..."

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  • Excelsior College

    Excelsior College

    1.4 (22 reviews)
    • Universities, Colleges and Schools

    "I didnt know I was using pissed consumer. Excelsior is a great institution. My issue was a web site technical issue. I was told what to do in order to submit my application. No further issues."

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  • Ivy Tech Community College

    Ivy Tech Community College

    2.0 (24 reviews)
    • Universities, Colleges and Schools

    "They described the classes as taking 8-12 hours a week in the syllabus and advising period. Pressured me to take three classes, which I declined. The classes they put me in take about 50 hours between the two classes. Now I'm..."

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  • Strayer University

    Strayer University

    1.8 (21 reviews)
    • Universities, Colleges and Schools

    "I have been at Strayer for almost one quarter. When the recruiter and I talked I was interested in the laptop program but she said it was for the bachelor's and I said I did not think I was ready for a 4 yr commitment. In the..."

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  • National Paralegal College

    National Paralegal College

    3.3 (23 reviews)
    • Universities, Colleges and Schools

    "I am finishing up my bachelors degree, they accepted most of my classes from my Associates Degree. Because i have taken so many courses already, I was forced to take classes that I did not want to take, because of this my GPA..."

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  • American Intercontinental University

    American Intercontinental University

    1.6 (20 reviews)
    • Universities, Colleges and Schools

    "I cannot log into my account on google chrome to submit work done
    I need to login to my google chrome account on aiu I am having a hard time logging in when I go into goodgle chrome it says access denied I cannot log into it and I..."

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  • Paramount California University

    Paramount California University

    1.4 (12 reviews)
    • Universities, Colleges and Schools

    "From: ushe@***.com on behalf of
    Sent: Thursday, December 19, 2019
    Subject: United State Higher Education
    This is to notify that the Government officials including the Global Investigation Board is conducting an in..."

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  • Medix College Of Canada

    Medix College Of Canada

    1.3 (21 reviews)
    • Universities, Colleges and Schools

    "The management side is not at all helpful. I feel they are understaffed and won't reply on time. They are rude enough to hang up on you. Instead of focusing on studies you ll be bound to trying to connect with the staff to get you..."

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  • Pacific Cambria University

    Pacific Cambria University

    3.0 (13 reviews)
    • Universities, Colleges and Schools

    "I paid for my cap and gown but received neither. I was also told I would receive my degee"

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