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  • Brown Mackie College

    Brown Mackie College

    1.5 (103 reviews)
    • Universities, Colleges and Schools
    • www.brownmackie.edu

    "No help, paid my student loans back and I still get calls from them saying I owe money for the loans that I already paid, but when my iPad breaks and I have questions about my warranty there's no response."

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  • University Of Phoenix

    University Of Phoenix

    1.3 (59 reviews)
    • Universities, Colleges and Schools
    • www.phoenix.edu

    "No one can figure out what you guys want. When we ask professors they act like we cannot read. Your assignments and worksheets are not clear. I deserve a clarification as a paying student. I have spent over $10,000 dollars..."

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  • Universal Technical Institute

    Universal Technical Institute

    1.9 (87 reviews)
    • Universities, Colleges and Schools
    • www.uti.edu

    "These "testimonial" reviews on here are few and far between. Most of them have been left by students who have graduated over 15 years ago, when you actually had to learn to pass the school and it wasn't so expensive and..."

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  • The College Network

    The College Network

    1.1 (50 reviews)
    • Universities, Colleges and Schools
    • www.collegenetwork.com

    "I have tried to email and call but no one will respond back to me. I have credit with the college network I purchased 5 modules at $445 but never used them. Can I get a refund or transfer them? Please help me, I have not been..."

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  • Empire Beauty School

    Empire Beauty School

    1.9 (89 reviews)
    • Universities, Colleges and Schools
    • www.empire.edu

    "You can't learn anything because the other students are to busy talking about you or other people, the school did not care about the bullying that was going on. How is this school going to make me a hairstylist when they say "all..."

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  • Kaplan University

    Kaplan University

    1.9 (27 reviews)
    • Universities, Colleges and Schools
    • www.kaplan.edu

    "Okay so I attended Thompson institute,in which I took out financial aid a, now 1/2020 im being accused of attending Kaplan not once but twice.And I have called everyone, Dept of education,american education services,like im stuck..."

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  • Paul Mitchell Schools

    Paul Mitchell Schools

    2.0 (81 reviews)
    • Universities, Colleges and Schools
    • paulmitchell.edu

    "I was discriminated against by the Black students and employees due hair type
    No one should be subjected to this deplorable behavior and treatment"

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  • Ashworth College

    Ashworth College

    1.9 (68 reviews)
    • Universities, Colleges and Schools
    • www.ashworthcollege.edu

    "On July 16,2022 you took a payment of $70 from my credit card. I did not complete my enrollment nor did I sign a contract. You illegally took money from me. I just got on the website yesterday to see what was going on. Refund my m..."

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  • Virginia College

    Virginia College

    1.6 (58 reviews)
    • Universities, Colleges and Schools
    • www.vc.edu

    "I was over charged by Virginia College they overcharged me and they kept most of my Grant refund money, my student loan money that was due to me and they over charged me and I'm stuck in Debt as a disability student also with non..."

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  • The Art Institute

    The Art Institute

    1.4 (43 reviews)
    • Universities, Colleges and Schools
    • www.artinstitutes.edu

    "the art institute sucks.i tried to contact them for a transcript from one of the schools that shut down and no one's responding even when i paid for the transcripts and chose for them to be sent to my current school.art institute..."

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