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  • Brown Mackie College

    Brown Mackie College

    1.5 (102 reviews)
    • Universities, Colleges and Schools
    • www.brownmackie.edu

    "I Still have about 3 more classes that I didnt get a Chance to Obtain. I need them to make it Easier for myself and others."

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  • University Of Phoenix

    University Of Phoenix

    1.3 (57 reviews)
    • Universities, Colleges and Schools
    • www.phoenix.edu

    "I need to get an official transcript mailed directly to a potential employer. How do I do that? They want the transcript in a sealed envelope directly to them."

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  • Universal Technical Institute

    Universal Technical Institute

    3.1 (86 reviews)
    • Universities, Colleges and Schools
    • uti.edu

    "Having to take out student loans to even attend this place and both subsidized and unsubsidized loans has maxed out my lifetime grant and loan eligibility to have financial aid for anything else."

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  • Empire Beauty School

    Empire Beauty School

    1.9 (88 reviews)
    • Universities, Colleges and Schools
    • www.empire.edu

    "Im tired of being lied to and robbed of my money! Im not learning anything while I sit around in a dead classroom! Frank Schoeneman pick up the phone and answer me! I'm calling your personal cell @ 570640**** I know you are..."

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  • The College Network

    The College Network

    1.1 (45 reviews)
    • Universities, Colleges and Schools
    • www.collegenetwork.com

    "I enrolled in the LPN-RN program several years ago. I paid on a monthly basis until the tuition was paid-in-full. Life interfered, as did my health, and I struggled to begin the program. I figured since the school prided itself..."

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  • Kaplan University

    Kaplan University

    1.9 (27 reviews)
    • Universities, Colleges and Schools
    • www.kaplan.edu

    "Okay so I attended Thompson institute,in which I took out financial aid a, now 1/2020 im being accused of attending Kaplan not once but twice.And I have called everyone, Dept of education,american education services,like im stuck..."

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  • Paul Mitchell Schools

    Paul Mitchell Schools

    2.1 (75 reviews)
    • Universities, Colleges and Schools
    • paulmitchell.edu

    "I really hoped and believe that after having terrible experiences in the work force, that coming to school would be better. However, being a African American in Paul Mitchell has been a very rough experience. I have witnessed..."

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  • Ashworth College

    Ashworth College

    1.9 (68 reviews)
    • Universities, Colleges and Schools
    • www.ashworthcollege.edu

    "I was online and saw some very sad reviews of Ashworth from years ago and thought....IT'S TIME THEY GET A CURRENT REVIEW!"

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  • Virginia College

    Virginia College

    1.6 (53 reviews)
    • Universities, Colleges and Schools
    • www.vc.edu

    "Continuous no answer and I connected parchment ! Im not getting anywhere Virginia college with this w"

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  • The Art Institute

    The Art Institute

    1.4 (42 reviews)
    • Universities, Colleges and Schools
    • www.artinstitutes.edu

    "This institute lost my transcripts and then charged me to receive a copy without providing them. They've closed and are now refusing to take responsibility."

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