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  • Udi Consulting

    Udi Consulting

    1.8 (5 reviews)
    • Travel

    "My wife and I would like to be included in any timeshare lawsuit against Luke or UDI Consulting."

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  • "I was already charged for the Brazil, Argentina and Peru tour package back in March 29 and now, they filed for bankruptcy. The scheduled flights were all cancelled.

    They planned it so that they can get as many people to sign u..."

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  • MLT Worry Free Vacations

    MLT Worry Free Vacations

    1.0 (1 review)
    • Travel
    • www.worryfreevacations.com

    "I arranged flights and a rental car for a trip to Europe from Delta/ MLT.
    I was told there was a two-hour window/ grace period from the pick-up time for the rental car, to the return time 11 days later. The time on the contract wi..."

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  • Amazon Travel Club

    Amazon Travel Club

    • Travel
    • www.amazontravelclub.com

    "I keep getting phone calls on my business line (I sell art for a living) for people trying to book cruises and vacations with Amazon Travel Club.
    Does anyone know an actual way to reach them so they can stop giving out my number?"

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  • Primo Vacations

    Primo Vacations

    1.0 (4 reviews)
    • Travel
    • www.primovacations.com

    "Booked a preferred junior suite in cancun. Confirmed and reaffirmed with the agent that this is what we were getting. Got to the resort and we were booked in a regular room. After much complaining the front desk changed the room t..."

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  • Condominium Travel Club

    Condominium Travel Club

    1.1 (6 reviews)
    • Travel
    • www.condotravelclub.com

    "No places were ever available and the available places were as high as you could get without this service. We must have been out of our minds. We just gave them over $3,000 and all we ever received was a cruise which ended up..."

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  • Transfer America

    Transfer America

    • Travel
    • transferamerica.net

    "Timeshare Relief company "Transfer America" has taken $2225 to transfer my name off of timeshare title to Kuhio Banyon, Hawaii. They were paid 3/8/2011. My name is still on the title. They have been slow to pay the maintenance..."

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  • Support Documents 24HRS

    Support Documents 24HRS

    1.8 (6 reviews)
    • Travel
    • www.supportdocuments24hrs.com

    "Cancel order i just placed on my discover card"

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  • Hendersons Group Investments

    Hendersons Group Investments

    2.5 (5 reviews)
    • Travel
    • www.hendersonsgroupinvestments.com

    "The same thing happened to us. We were then contacted by a Cynthia Lopez from the supposed Bank of International Settlements stating that they were taking Henderson Group to court for fraud. The next day, she called and said we..."

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  • Express Travel Solutions

    Express Travel Solutions

    2.2 (4 reviews)
    • Travel
    • www.expresstravelsolution.com

    "We paid almost 20 thousand Canadian dollars and were shown great deals when we were in the office only to find out that no such deals are available. We booked through them and paid more than we would have if we booked elsewhere.

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