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  • Airbnb


    1.6 (804 reviews)
    • Travel
    • www.airbnb.com

    "They final analysis from Airbnb was that the problem was my device ( an old unsupported iPad ) Thats something I knew but didnt actually help me to resolve the problem of contacting guests . I was left with no alternative but to..."

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  • Booking


    1.5 (587 reviews)
    • Travel
    • www.booking.com

    "DonI booked 1 room and they charged for 2 room I was beer disappointed when I called and nobody answered very bad service"

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  • Pilot Flying J

    Pilot Flying J

    2.2 (707 reviews)
    • Travel
    • www.pilotflyingj.com

    "I'm calling about a complaint about a manager at the lake harbor City Arizona pilot I've been calling and can't get a call back need to talk to someone"

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  • TravelCenters of America

    TravelCenters of America

    2.9 (504 reviews)
    • Travel
    • www.ta-petro.com

    "I went there and got a job done and I was overcharge I asked the guy twice why and he couldnt give me a solid answer"

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  • Thousand Trails Rv

    Thousand Trails Rv

    1.6 (197 reviews)
    • Travel
    • www.thousandtrails.com

    "An incident at the pool with kids running, diving and throwing each other into the pool off the concrete decking. I asked them to stop before someone gets hurt. Words with other folks insued. One man, in a wheel chair starting..."

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  • HomeAway


    1.4 (223 reviews)
    • Travel
    • www.homeaway.com

    "What happened is that I had outstanding payment after guests left my property. If payments goes over your platform, then you should take care of all payments. You are taking commission for bookings and you are also responsible..."

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  • Casablanca Express

    Casablanca Express

    1.8 (121 reviews)
    • Travel
    • www.casablancaexpress.com

    "We were offered a "free trip to Hawaii" in order to purchase other travel packages. First, they get you to pay $350 to cover "taxes". When we tried to redeem our free trip, they went out of their way to make the trip so..."

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  • FlipKey


    1.4 (147 reviews)
    • Travel
    • www.flipkey.com

    "Dear FlipKey
    I just restarted my site after shutting it down and several years of not using it. When going through all the new requirements, it requested my Social Security number, which I refuse to give out to entities that are no..."

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  • Travelers Advantage

    Travelers Advantage

    1.5 (65 reviews)
    • Travel
    • www.travelersadvantage.com

    "I have been a member almost as long as Brad Callahan, own the business. This is the worst services I have received in years.
    Today on 9/7 2021 I was holding on the phone for 1 hour and 45 minutes, and It tokes me two and half hours..."

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  • eSky Com

    eSky Com

    1.4 (94 reviews)
    • Travel
    • www.esky.com

    "My flight was pending confirmation and they said that they couldn't charge my card for the 114 dollars when I have the money for that right now. Please call me back at (574)314-**** with a possible solution to this problem ASAP"

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