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Transportation and Logistics
  • Borzo


    1.5 (175 reviews)
    • Transportation and Logistics
    • borzodelivery.com

    "Pathetic customer service they are not even responding to my chat niraj , mohsin and jyoti were assigned to resolve my issues please dont provide customer service support if you cannot resolve customers issues"

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  • Entrego Philippines

    Entrego Philippines

    1.2 (344 reviews)
    • Transportation and Logistics
    • www.entrego.com.ph

    "i jst receive a message from B.D.O.informing me that my card was already dispatch to entrego..and the entrego will provide status of my delivert.."

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  • PostNL


    1.4 (177 reviews)
    • Transportation and Logistics
    • www.postnl.nl

    "I made an online purchase from a shop in Amsterdam. They delivered my package to PostNL on the 19 August 2023. I was trying to track my package using the code given to me but it was not working. Today (33 days after my purchase wa..."

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  • Central Transport

    Central Transport

    1.3 (217 reviews)
    • Transportation and Logistics
    • www.centraltransport.com

    "Outrageous shipping charges almost $200 liftgate free one no liftgate was needed charge for unloading when the driver didnt touch shipment other than bring it to the tail of the truck falsified the weight of the shipment by over..."

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  • Xpo Logistics

    Xpo Logistics

    1.2 (356 reviews)
    • Transportation and Logistics
    • www.xpo.com

    "XPO Newnam, GA location is the worst employee (dispatch Terrence Huges) that I have never seen. Overbearing, racist, rude and extremely bad attitude. Your are the service provider not the fed agent, don't ever talk to customers..."

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  • ParcelHero


    1.3 (247 reviews)
    • Transportation and Logistics
    • www.parcelhero.com

    "Never picked up, paid for a DHL pick up, and DHL wouldn't take any responsibility. Parcel Hero are none costs table but have be paid so upset"

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  • Shiply


    4.3 (368 reviews)
    • Transportation and Logistics
    • www.shiply.com

    "I needed an enclosed carrier and it would have been nice to filter the request to include that info to avoid the excessive emails. We did find one specific to our needs and the transport went smooth."

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  • Roadie


    1.7 (156 reviews)
    • Transportation and Logistics
    • www.roadie.com

    "I still have problems with my app i need to do the registration again or something the app say unfortunately we are unable to verify the information you provided us i think its about my driver license so i need help to start work..."

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  • Ceva Logistics

    Ceva Logistics

    1.3 (268 reviews)
    • Transportation and Logistics
    • www.cevalogistics.com

    "Somehow my flat screen tv is late and missing a month later. Every single time I call the agents, they look at my account, audibly wince and promise to call me back. Spoiler alert..Ive called a dozen times and no one has ever call..."

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  • J And T Express Malaysia

    J And T Express Malaysia

    1.5 (169 reviews)
    • Transportation and Logistics
    • www.jtexpress.my

    "pekerja korang ni bodoh ke? tiap kali cod je mesti amik duit lebih??? bangang takde otak. aku tunggu duit baki dia boleh lesap jeeee

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