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  • Ola Cabs

    Ola Cabs

    1.6 (9,201 reviews)
    • Transport
    • www.olacabs.com

    "Very bad service by ola there is not any response from ola service .i have done onliye payment by fault while ola auto was come my location with in 6 minutes but after he received payment he had cancelled that ride."

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  • Lyft


    1.8 (9,044 reviews)
    • Transport
    • www.lyft.com

    "Ive try many attempts to upload a photo but not good enough, also have cleared the issue with my license but still no response yet."

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  • Uber


    1.7 (7,328 reviews)
    • Transport
    • www.uber.com

    "Trip 1: September 10, 2022 at 20:17 GMT+2 in Leuven, Belgium. Driver stopped at the wrong pick-up location and charged 0.24 wait-time fee despite me arriving within 1 minute (Uber claims this fee starts being calculated minutes af..."

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    1.5 (92 reviews)
    • Transport
    • www.irctc.co.in

    "Why not reached in customer care my amout detected and not book in my train ticket. Where is my amount very poor customer service in railway department please clear this problem. Un satisfied services."

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  • Pa Turnpike

    Pa Turnpike

    1.6 (97 reviews)
    • Transport
    • www.paturnpike.com

    "I rented a car when I turned it back in all these turnpike charges and service charges tall and $119 I was only in Pennsylvania for three weeks Ive never had these kind of charges before this is outrageous you guys are just..."

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  • Ola Cabs New Zealand

    Ola Cabs New Zealand

    1.7 (53 reviews)
    • Transport
    • ola.co.nz

    "If cab is showing that it will reach within 7-8 minutes, it means we will wait untill given time frame
    Then how can we cancel it within 5 minutes
    Cab was extending the time of reaching to customer, even 10-15 minutes,
    We cancelled it..."

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  • Ola Cabs Australia

    Ola Cabs Australia

    1.5 (55 reviews)
    • Transport
    • ola.com.au

    "The fare was set around $10.80 but was charged $12.50. Ride was with Ashdeep Singh on Tuesday 20 Sept drop off approx 9.50pm."

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  • MTA


    1.3 (56 reviews)
    • Transport
    • www.mta.info

    "The past 2 weeks on particular days Monday and Tuesday the 17 bus Canarsie Seaview that suppose to arrive at 5.02am at empire and utica never showed up I transfer from 12 bus and get there at 4.58am therefore had to take a Uber..."

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  • BlaBlaCar


    1.6 (44 reviews)
    • Transport
    • www.blablacar.com

    "Hello sir/mam
    Bus had delayed for long time and i missed to board a bus because i had flight at 8:30 but bus had delayed for 2 hrs i was going to miss the flight i request you to pls give me refund because I haven't board the bus b..."

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  • Ola Cabs United Kingdom

    Ola Cabs United Kingdom

    1.7 (43 reviews)
    • Transport
    • ola.co.uk

    "Took an ola cab to a destination that cost £19.55 at 10:45am
    At 11:35pm the same trip reversed is £62.00"

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