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    1.7 (5,366 reviews)
    • Telecommunications
    • www.directv.com

    "When my contract ended, your company refused to remove outside satellite dish from my property without paying a three hundred dollar fee. I now have a dish in my yard that is connected to electricity which is a hazard for my..."

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  • Hotstar


    1.8 (2,877 reviews)
    • Telecommunications
    • www.hotstar.com

    "Good evening
    My hot star Not opening with wi fi connection please resolve the issue, regards thanking you."

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  • ATT


    1.6 (2,526 reviews)
    • Telecommunications
    • www.att.com

    "Thank you whoever you are for providing transparency into ATT's opaque system. Their disorganization is astronomical, divided into subgroups, departments, regions, business vs residential, digital vs analog, a nightmare maze..."

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  • Xfinity


    1.9 (3,417 reviews)
    • Telecommunications
    • www.xfinity.com

    "No internet connection or service people to help.I am 78 years old I need someone to speak with me about my lack of internet connection. I have been with this company 2013 I have never been late with my monthly payment !!!I dont..."

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  • Comcast


    1.7 (2,379 reviews)
    • Telecommunications
    • corporate.comcast.com

    "Hi, Let me inform you, of an unheard of Fiasco, that took place @ 3302 Redeemer Way New Pert Richey, Florida 34665.
    My phone (I bought a new IPhone from the store) was put on someones Account; Still hasnt rectified the problem!!! D..."

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  • YouTube TV

    YouTube TV

    1.8 (2,407 reviews)
    • Telecommunications
    • tv.youtube.com

    "I had a free trial of YouTube tv that I cancelled and was still charged for it in a sneaky way off my card. I want the refund and to cancel it for real please. I want my 68$ back"

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  • Roku


    1.9 (2,164 reviews)
    • Telecommunications
    • www.roku.com

    "I am getting charged twice for hulu. Why am I getting charged twice. Once from hulu and once from roku."

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  • Telkom


    1.6 (865 reviews)
    • Telecommunications
    • www.telkom.co.za

    "Your service provider is very poor, always the data is freezing while I'm busy with using my Internet, please can you improve or else we will throw away the simcard and get a new network, thank you"

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  • Centurylink


    1.5 (1,938 reviews)
    • Telecommunications
    • www.centurylink.com

    "I live in california for three years now every month I get some one elses century bills sent to my email I have never had a accoint with you and I cant get anyone there at century link to fix this for me I dont want this persons..."

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  • Peacock TV

    Peacock TV

    1.6 (1,335 reviews)
    • Telecommunications
    • www.peacocktv.com

    "You have charged my account on April 30, May 2,May 06,May 10,May 16,may18,May 24,,you sent me an email telling me to upgrade my payment history,now you have shut off my service I have tried to call you,tried to contact you,I find..."

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