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  • One Source Talent

    One Source Talent

    2.0 (44 reviews)
    • Talent and Modeling Agencies
    • www.onesourcetalent.com

    I spoke to you on Friday. The citation you spoke of is # 210**** issued 03/31/2007 by University Park Police Badge # 461 for Operating Uninsured Motor Vehicle. In 2007 University Park had their local court in Monee. Any di..."

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  • Barbizon Modeling School

    Barbizon Modeling School

    2.7 (24 reviews)
    • Talent and Modeling Agencies
    • www.barbizonmodeling.com

    "You took 100.00 out of my account causing me to bounce a check for my cancer treatment.. then u try and take out another 100 the next day... i want a refund my child did not attend your classes so i am not paying for them.. This..."

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  • Adora Models

    Adora Models

    1.4 (38 reviews)
    • Talent and Modeling Agencies
    • www.adoramodelmanagement.co.uk

    "I was told that my daughter would be in your website which she isn't I've spent so much on this and for what I can get cheaper photo shoots you out it out there like my daughter was going to become a model you as a company has..."

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  • Preview Models

    Preview Models

    3.7 (110 reviews)
    • Talent and Modeling Agencies
    • www.preview-models.com

    "This company recruited my daughter and had her believing that she was about to become the next big thing. They tell you in the first meeting that you should never pay have to pay a penny to become a model but then send you home..."

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  • Explore Talent

    Explore Talent

    1.5 (47 reviews)
    • Talent and Modeling Agencies
    • www.exploretalent.com

    "I cant edit anything. I cant edit my résumé. I cant edit my pictures. I cant add new pictures. I cant change around the pictures. I cant delete pictures. I cant add a real. So I just need to be able to edit my profile"

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  • Nine9


    1.6 (38 reviews)
    • Talent and Modeling Agencies
    • nine9.com

    "I have an open xall fir zoom..but i already audition and was picked..i need portfolio i was told... I did not have the money to pay.. a year later yall offer to pay half..that was lats year..now i got a call to do a virtual..."

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  • M0del Agency

    M0del Agency

    1.6 (30 reviews)
    • Talent and Modeling Agencies
    • www.m0del.co.uk

    "Recently applied as to test theory, to Angel Models UK - theory was that this is Anthony Jones's new scam, lo and behold the similarities, over eager attitude, the fact that the address of 24 School Lane Didsbury is the address..."

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  • Blackberry Models

    Blackberry Models

    1.2 (36 reviews)
    • Talent and Modeling Agencies
    • www.blackberrymodels.co.uk

    "I went to have a shoot in 2015. I was told I was accepted and told to pay £100. I did this, with them planning to take a further £600 afterwards.
    My portfolio appeared on the website but the website completely disappeared after a f..."

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  • Casting Networks

    Casting Networks

    2.3 (22 reviews)
    • Talent and Modeling Agencies
    • home.castingnetworks.com

    "I want to have access as casting director.
    I am producing films and great references and am working with major industry leaders."

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  • The Industry Network

    The Industry Network

    3.4 (38 reviews)
    • Talent and Modeling Agencies
    • theindustrynetwork.com

    "Very great event I love everything about it if u want to start a career the industry network is the place to start it I been working with them since 2019 and its been a great run for me"

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