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  • Bjs Wholesale Club

    Bjs Wholesale Club

    2.5 (400 reviews)
    • Supermarkets and Malls
    • www.bjs.com

    "I bought tires and set up mounting. I came in on time to find out the person was not only not there but did not order my tires. He also sold me tires al little more expensive, (order) when there were tires there that fit. I could..."

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  • Tractor Supply

    Tractor Supply

    2.3 (385 reviews)
    • Supermarkets and Malls
    • www.tractorsupply.com

    "I thought we had ordered a dog house, instead it was an insulation kit for a dog house. I didn't notice it and the clerk at the store didn't notice it either. She ordered it for me to be shipped to my house. When I got home I was..."

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  • Heb


    2.7 (265 reviews)
    • Supermarkets and Malls
    • www.heb.com

    "Refuses to follow doctors orders on refilling non-narcotic prescriptions at specific times. I understand there are rules regarding insurance payments, medication quantities, etc. It is a constant battle to get scripts refilled...."

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  • Big Lots

    Big Lots

    2.3 (164 reviews)
    • Supermarkets and Malls
    • www.biglots.com

    "the website will void your coupons, even birthday coupon if you edit your shopping cart or add it it. customer service is only during store hours and all they'll tell you is to wait a couple of hours and try the website agian."

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  • 7 Eleven

    7 Eleven

    2.2 (239 reviews)
    • Supermarkets and Malls
    • www.7-eleven.com

    "i work at seven eleven for one day. may 27th. i had a great shift with kind people to train me. the next morning when i come in may 28th im told that i didnt complete my paperwork in time (which according to HR i did complete it..."

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  • Ingles Markets

    Ingles Markets

    2.4 (181 reviews)
    • Supermarkets and Malls
    • www.ingles-markets.com

    "My daughter in law had surgery removed 9 teeth in August this morning drove straight to gray ga turned in prescriptions at 145 pm pharmacist said it would be after 5 explained the above and asked for 1 pill that the lidocaine was..."

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  • Fred Meyer

    Fred Meyer

    2.6 (212 reviews)
    • Supermarkets and Malls
    • www.fredmeyer.com

    "I bought a generic pizza; one I had bought before. The instructions said to bake at 420 degrees, 10-12 minutes, on a baking sheet. I followed these directions only to find the crust sticking to the sheet, still raw. I placed it ba..."

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  • Tj Maxx

    Tj Maxx

    2.4 (215 reviews)
    • Supermarkets and Malls
    • www.tjmaxx.com

    "I went to TJ Maxx in Oneonta. I had a $l0 gift cert. I chose what I wanted and went to the register. The clerk said my gift cert. was only for 3 cents. She called the manager who also said it was for 3 cents. They wouldn't honor..."

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  • Marketside


    2.3 (188 reviews)
    • Supermarkets and Malls

    "I have bought these convenient salads frequently and more times than not, the lettuce is not fresh at all even though it is always several days before expiration date. I've had enough."

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  • House Of Fraser

    House Of Fraser

    1.5 (125 reviews)
    • Supermarkets and Malls
    • www.houseoffraser.co.uk

    "I ordered swimming pool and paid for next day delivery and I didnt receive it,
    It was 2 days late and my grand children gone home very poor service
    Want a refund"

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