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  • Top Flite Golf

    Top Flite Golf

    2.3 (26 reviews)
    • Sport

    "Hello, I bought my grandson a set of golf clubs for Christmas at *** Sporting Goods. I still have the receipt. The set was TopFlite20/N. How can I can a replacement?
    Thank you,
    Cindy Sturm"

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  • DW Quail Golf

    DW Quail Golf

    2.4 (32 reviews)
    • Sport
    • www.dwquailgolf.com

    "Want to order a golf cage and Mat. Not sure which Matt to order and also I want to know if I order today when can I expect that will be delivered?"

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  • Irish Sports Warehouse

    Irish Sports Warehouse

    1.8 (28 reviews)
    • Sport
    • www.irishsportswarehouse.ie

    "Whenever I input my credit card details it keeps knocking me back to square one and I'm starting again. Very frustrating. So is this nonsense checking my splelllllling. I'll just go somewhere else. A simple buy has now become a..."

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  • Goskate


    2.5 (31 reviews)
    • Sport
    • www.goskate.com

    "This business is a scam.
    The instructor didn't show up on the third session and the whole training got stopped midway, and my son didn't actually learn anything but the very basic stuff. They just didn't respond to my calls and tex..."

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  • NHL Network

    NHL Network

    1.7 (21 reviews)
    • Sport
    • www.nhl.com

    "I didnt order anything, and yet my card was charged for $30.29 on 4/19. Please reverse this charge and delete my credit card info to prevent this fraudulent charges in future.
    Thank you."

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  • Sports Authority

    Sports Authority

    1.6 (15 reviews)
    • Sport
    • www.sportsauthority.com

    "The SA in Randolph MA -
    I Asked if I could have them order me a pair of boots in my size they had on shelf and the c*** woman rudely told me that she doesn’t “special order” anything for anyone.. I had just been to the one in Taunt..."

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  • Sportcraft


    2.1 (20 reviews)
    • Sport
    • www.sportcraft.com

    "DeadCan't find this model number anywhere and no support #78100 this is now garbage and will not work without power cord tried many nothing works"

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  • ClubCorp


    1.7 (25 reviews)
    • Sport
    • www.clubcorp.com

    "Hello, my name is Samuel I work for the hills of lakeway as a mechanic I have desperately trying to reach out to human relations or someone who will care about how clubcorp employees feel. My voice and screams have not been reache..."

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  • Road Runner Sports

    Road Runner Sports

    1.5 (12 reviews)
    • Sport
    • www.roadrunnersports.com

    "$60 for SUPERFEET RUN insoles, tried them on for 1-1/2 hours, and they did nothing for me. Returned to Roadrunner, and received them back in the mail a few days later.
    I received a "To Whom It May Concern" letter from Jarod Wright...."

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  • Sunny Sports

    Sunny Sports

    1.0 (4 reviews)
    • Sport
    • www.scooterdepot.us

    "I tried to order a pair of shoes three times and after clicking "PLACE ORDER" both on desktop and my phone, the three rotating status bars kept cycling through over and over again for 20 minutes before I finally closed the window..."

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