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  • mSpy


    2.8 (251 reviews)
    • Software

    "Je vœux obtenir remboursement et annulation M. Williamssur du service m à mointi.
    C'est essaie difficilementle de vnous joindre.
    Mes références sont 966****.
    Dans l'àentrez votre retour
    Me Peretti"

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  • Track718


    1.1 (155 reviews)
    • Software

    "Tracking number DU900013****YM was said to have been delivered to my address on July 5th, but I have not received it. It was coming from DHGate. Can you advise which courier this was with and where the package is now?"

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  • Fixd


    2.1 (185 reviews)
    • Software

    "They responded within a few hours and automatically solved my problem. They were excellent I would recommend the product and company to anyone. I was surprised how quickly the reacted and refunded me the charge I mistakenly..."

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  • Paddle


    1.4 (139 reviews)
    • Software

    "I wish to cancel my subscription. I have recently changed my email because my old one is disabled (70isNice@***l)... I have an extra charge of 1.99 on my monthly billing, and especially the constant pop-ups on my webpage."

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  • reimage


    1.6 (179 reviews)
    • Software

    "I want to cancel my subscription but they didnt answer the phone so Ill have to keep calling. Do you have any other suggestions?"

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  • StyleSeat


    3.6 (157 reviews)
    • Software

    "They pay in cash my client they need their refund. It been a a
    Day or2 days please contact have issue"

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  • GoJek


    3.0 (105 reviews)
    • Software

    "Saat mengambil pakai Go Send, saya lupa menggeser dan memfoto, namun transaksi berhasil dan diterima dengan baik oleh Pak Yusuf (penerima)."

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  • Nova Development

    Nova Development

    1.7 (127 reviews)
    • Software

    "Very bad quality ihate nova trimmer waste of money Not purchase Nova products waste of money and waste of time."

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  • Skype


    1.6 (135 reviews)
    • Software

    "No ill intentions, but it's time to let Skype pass away. Microsoft is devoid of any business ethics these days, forcing customers to be subservient to their black hole services.
    Just let go, folks ... let it go. No need to spend an..."

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  • Whoop


    2.2 (99 reviews)
    • Software

    "I receive my tablet from whoop..the email was wrong name on it. I call the company and talk to someone.i told them that tablet not on.they told no more service .if want use it I buy minute for it
    . That was all right.l wii do with..."

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