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  • Total Av

    Total Av

    1.9 (433 reviews)
    • Software

    "I accidentally signed up for this service in summer 2023. I cancelled a few days later. On June 14th, I received a notice that they intended to request payment of $119.00 through my PayPal account. I started trying to contact..."

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  • Mcafee


    2.1 (281 reviews)
    • Software

    "Hire a person to answer a telephone call and give the correct tel #.
    The program is very large . I wouldn't advise anyone to buy this product for their computer."

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  • Grammarly


    1.8 (293 reviews)
    • Software

    "I only paid for 6 months of billing and you charged me every 3 months, 8 times for like 420 dollars. I want a refund immediately; use it, don't."

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  • Avast Software

    Avast Software

    1.9 (356 reviews)
    • Software

    "Good afternoon I kindly request a refund of USD 55.54 deducted on the 20th of February 2024 on my ecocash account number 077263**** without my consent and kindly deregister me if you happen to have register me on your products"

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  • Adobe


    2.0 (276 reviews)
    • Software

    "I wanted to cancel my trial but also wanted to avoid my cancellation fee. The customer service agent helped me to reach a good compromise and resolved the issue."

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  • Malwarebytes


    2.1 (312 reviews)
    • Software

    "Reference Number 45138****
    On March 7, 2024 I subscribed to Malwarebytes. I paid with my credit card ending in 5850 with a renewal date of 3/7/2025. On May 15th 2024 on my credit card ending in 5850 you charged me an additional cha..."

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  • Iolo Technologies

    Iolo Technologies

    3.4 (308 reviews)
    • Software

    "First MY failure. I failed to notice sooner that IOLO was charging me 19.95 every month,sooner than I did. But that's what they did for several months. I didn't ask for their services just the virus protection. But they said what..."

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  • Intuit


    1.7 (233 reviews)
    • Software

    "We do not use it anymore. Cancel. We do not use it anymore. Cancel.
    We do not use it anymore. Cancel. We do not use it anymore. Cancel.
    We do not use it anymore. Cancel. We do not use it anymore. Cancel."

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  • Actblue


    1.5 (231 reviews)
    • Software

    "Give that information in and telephone email, don't want to repeat, and there you go with your requirements. Use a hundred, whatever you have, all these things getting in the way, all these stumbling blocks. It's just really..."

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  • Zoom


    1.9 (161 reviews)
    • Software

    "Hi Team,
    We are using a Zoom account and a Zoom webinar account. The person with the webinar account has left the organization, and we are unable to deactivate the webinar account. Please assist with this, or kindly cancel/terminat..."

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