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  • Ezviz


    1.6 (34 reviews)
    • Security and Protection Services
    • www.ezvizlife.com

    "Purchased an Eziz surveillance camera CB3 recently. However it stated that you only paid if you wanted cloud storage. There is no costing shown for this. When I try to load the app, it asks for my credit card details which I don't..."

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  • SimpliSafe


    2.9 (43 reviews)
    • Security and Protection Services
    • simplisafe.com

    "Try to tell them your Base Station is Fried and you need a replacement or a new one. If they believe you things would move along rather quickly and you would almost be done, but they dont believe you and they have their 'Procedure..."

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  • Nest Labs

    Nest Labs

    1.9 (31 reviews)
    • Security and Protection Services
    • nest.com

    "No answers from support! I am trying to contact customer service. How can I get in touch with a person to answer my billing questions about subscription???"

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  • Safetouch Security

    Safetouch Security

    1.9 (40 reviews)
    • Security and Protection Services
    • www.safetouch.com

    HOW the H#!! does one get hold of Telkom Business ADSL Internets' directors or whoever ???
    Please, just NOT one of their Damagers (Supposed Managers)
    I have been trying for weeks Now without ANY Luck,..."

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  • Counterforce Canada

    Counterforce Canada

    1.3 (36 reviews)
    • Security and Protection Services
    • www.counterforce.com

    "Very poor customer service.
    Given that its alarm company, the cx service should be priority for them. It can be an emergency but when you call them they put you on hold for more than 25 minutes
    Burglar can do their job and be gone f..."

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  • Guardian Protection Services

    Guardian Protection Services

    1.6 (30 reviews)
    • Security and Protection Services
    • www.guardianprotection.com

    "I had service and decided to add three cameras salesman came out we talked and supposedly set up contract weeks went by so i called him he said they sent me wrong form get that taken care of in staller comes out there for hours..."

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  • Devcon Security

    Devcon Security

    1.0 (1 review)
    • Security and Protection Services
    • www.devconsecurity.com

    "Camera doesn't work need help I change my network name and password thanks...,.,.,,..,.,.,.,.?...,x."

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  • Schlage


    2.6 (40 reviews)
    • Security and Protection Services
    • www.schlage.com

    "Im having a problem claiming of warranty.in less than 2 yrs my schlage Auto lock door stop working.the wilcon depot dont want to accept my claim."

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  • Amcrest


    2.1 (37 reviews)
    • Security and Protection Services
    • amcrest.com

    "Please call me is this a scam, no one called how can I trust you if no call back my backyard camere isnt connecting to my App and this is a existing camera from before I took it down"

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  • AMP Smart

    AMP Smart

    1.6 (30 reviews)
    • Security and Protection Services
    • ampsmart.com

    "It was good. Didn't have any problems. He waited till I had everything set up.. after that he asked if I had any other questions. And waited for my response."

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