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  • Pinnacle Security

    Pinnacle Security

    1.6 (4 reviews)
    • Security and Protection Services
    • pinnaclesecurity.com

    "Right now moving to assisted living i would not refer anyone thus is not the first time i have had problems"

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  • AlliedBarton Security Services

    AlliedBarton Security Services

    1.7 (51 reviews)
    • Security and Protection Services

    "Your employee is disrespectful, always asleep on his location, definitely needs a new job! The guard on duty called me a *** and told me to stop being rude because I blew the horn so I could get into the gate to deliver my load!..."

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  • SafeSound Personal Alarm Com

    SafeSound Personal Alarm Com

    1.8 (46 reviews)
    • Security and Protection Services
    • safesoundpersonalalarm.com

    "Why do you have a timer that resets every time you refresh the page as if youre gonna run out of the product they you sell? Youre putting pressure on seniors making them think they have to buy right now and thats not OK. That is..."

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  • Central Security Group

    Central Security Group

    1.8 (34 reviews)
    • Security and Protection Services
    • www.centralsecuritygroup.com

    "I recently switched my phone to VoIP. Had questions about my system. The guy in the tech Dept was friendly and courteous, tested my system and made suggestions to get my system up and going, he then transferred me to a lady in sal..."

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  • Safe Haven Security

    Safe Haven Security

    1.5 (76 reviews)
    • Security and Protection Services
    • mysafehaven.com

    "They charged 1900 for equipment. Took over 7 hours to install. Told me I could move it if I moved. Lies. Called to move service. Cant do. Have to pay out contract over 1700 plus still pay for equipment. We are talking less than 3..."

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  • Skyline Security

    Skyline Security

    1.5 (59 reviews)
    • Security and Protection Services
    • skylinesecurity.org

    "Don't use nor get with skyline/brinks. Honestly it's a scam. All they want is to get you to sign a 5year contact and then they disappear truly. Listen please do your research before they get into your home and you can't get rid..."

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  • CPI Security

    CPI Security

    1.7 (61 reviews)
    • Security and Protection Services
    • cpisecurity.com

    "CPI sucks, I have been having issues with my alarm systems ever since I had them. My car was taken out of driveway and camera didn't pick it up. Luckily I know who did take it but just think if I didn't know. They suvk and I'm..."

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  • Foscam


    2.1 (38 reviews)
    • Security and Protection Services
    • www.foscam.com

    "When I was able to talk to a customer support person to ask my question about camera set-up I was told that unless I provided my CC information I would not be able to get any help or support to set up the cameras I had just purcha..."

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  • eufy


    2.7 (35 reviews)
    • Security and Protection Services
    • us.eufylife.com

    "I need a live person saw were things have changed I need tibunbberstabd were it changing or who is changing"

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  • SimpliSafe


    2.7 (39 reviews)
    • Security and Protection Services
    • simplisafe.com

    "Dear sir/ma ,
    Good morning.
    I'm iwu Augustine from Nigeria lived in Dubai
    I'm writing to apply for the position of a CCTV operator or security guard, have four years of experience as a CCTV operator,
    Hopefully to hear from you sir. Ki..."

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