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  • ADT


    1.5 (663 reviews)
    • Security and Protection Services
    • www.adt.com

    "In June 2018 I decided to leave the home alone service I had because they were charging me, I believe, $40.00 a month. I responded to a brochure I received in the mail which said among other things that the monitoring fee would..."

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  • Vivint


    1.8 (432 reviews)
    • Security and Protection Services
    • www.vivint.com

    "We have been scammed by this company..All I say is dont do it..They have a script that is followed I suppose..All I can say is I need medication after my interaction with this companyThey should be shame..Now Im looking like dang..."

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  • Monitronics


    1.6 (327 reviews)
    • Security and Protection Services
    • www.monitronics.com

    "My alarm system malfunctions sometimes. The last time I could not turn it off. It beeped all day and night. Want to cancel the service, but they would not do it unless I paid $500. Said I had a phone contract. We never made a..."

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  • Lorex


    1.9 (489 reviews)
    • Security and Protection Services
    • www.lorextechnology.com

    "1 out of 4 cameras in the brand package that I purchased has blurry video during the night (infrared mode). This is after I installed the whole system at a customer's place.
    1. I filled out an online support ticket for replacement...."

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  • Arlo


    1.6 (420 reviews)
    • Security and Protection Services
    • www.arlo.com

    "I already have a Arlo accout to watch over my mom, we recently got one for our home, but when i try and ser up its telling me that account already exsist, how do i get a account for my own Arlo. I only have 1 email address."

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  • Ring Security

    Ring Security

    2.1 (266 reviews)
    • Security and Protection Services
    • ring.com

    "I have a O-ring account and I lost my phone but it was a iPhone so when you lose it you have to restart over I have a new email address Im trying to log into a new one and hook up my iPhone with my rain and it will not do it it..."

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  • Night Owl

    Night Owl

    2.5 (219 reviews)
    • Security and Protection Services
    • nightowlsp.com

    "Went online to resolve password issue but put in S/N and did not recognize therefore ended any further resolution. Very upset that no tech support human or otherwise to resolve mattering"

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  • Safe Home Security

    Safe Home Security

    1.5 (138 reviews)
    • Security and Protection Services
    • www.safehomesecurityinc.com

    "To whom it may concern:
    I am terminating my accounts, number 371461, effective December, 2021 with my final payment.
    Thank you for your attention to this matter.
    Arlene Gonzalez"

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  • Floureon


    2.3 (117 reviews)
    • Security and Protection Services
    • www.floureon.com

    "System down have a 3-year warranty that I can't get anyone to take care of can't get anyone to contact me back I'll call the manufacturer I called the warranty company my cameras are still down I paid a lot of money for my..."

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  • Protect America

    Protect America

    1.5 (99 reviews)
    • Security and Protection Services
    • www.protectamerica.com

    "March 7,2020
    RE: Cancellation of service
    On May 15 2018 I emailed Protect America and got operater Miranda, and call back ticket # 852823, at that time I told her to cancel the service and that the other alarm company was here and s..."

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