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  • Open Range Rv

    Open Range Rv

    2.1 (86 reviews)
    • RVs, Motorhomes and Trailers
    • www.openrangerv.com

    "Jacks are set way to low on the rear of the 5th wheel. 6 1/2 of the ground. Not sure if you know but in California most curbs are 8. Making it necessary to do a two inch lift on the trailer."

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  • Coachmen RV

    Coachmen RV

    2.1 (84 reviews)
    • RVs, Motorhomes and Trailers
    • coachmenrv.com

    "We own a Spirit 2454. So far, just minor repairs or adjustments . This is our 3 rd camper. Im not sure who designs the campers but I dont think they camp.
    Changes is like to see.
    1. The big change is being able to adjust the hot wat..."

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  • Albany Rv

    Albany Rv

    2.0 (101 reviews)
    • RVs, Motorhomes and Trailers
    • www.rvone.com

    "This company initiated a $244,000 loan before the coach even left Florida for Albany. We never knew it. They told us they are only checking your credit and when you visually see the coach. Then you can decide to accept or reject...."

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  • Dutchmen


    1.7 (96 reviews)
    • RVs, Motorhomes and Trailers
    • www.dutchmen.com

    "The axle spacing is the problem on the 2020 Astoria 3173 fifth wheel , causing it to sway even with no wind
    Its a problem the Dutchman factory knows about but kept it quiet.
    The 2021 Astoria 3173 has the axles moved back eleven inch..."

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  • Grand Design Rv

    Grand Design Rv

    2.4 (77 reviews)
    • RVs, Motorhomes and Trailers
    • www.granddesignrv.com

    "Model: Grand Design Solitude 380fl
    This narrative is to serve as documentary evidence of our (Darrin and Amy Odell) experience purchasing and taking out for the first time, a Grand Design Solitude 380fl 5th wheel travel trailer. Th..."

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  • Crossroads RV

    Crossroads RV

    1.8 (75 reviews)
    • RVs, Motorhomes and Trailers
    • www.crossroadsrv.com

    "Leaking from under carriage front and back took panel off in bathroom and pipes were not even tight its like whoever made this *** went to lunch and said *** it its good but it aint Im the one suffering *** Crossroads nothing but..."

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  • Campers Inn

    Campers Inn

    1.8 (75 reviews)
    • RVs, Motorhomes and Trailers
    • www.campersinn.com

    "Do not go to campers inn in Jacksonville Florida. They are nice and all to help you buy once you buy the will not have anything to do with you! No help from service department or anyone. Bad management I will say!"

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  • Mike Thompsons Rv

    Mike Thompsons Rv

    1.7 (47 reviews)
    • RVs, Motorhomes and Trailers

    "I took RV in for repairs, hydraulic levelers were broke and generator had bad carburetor, caps missing for awning.. We purchased and extended warranty only thing covered was the levelers, 1800 dollars later, I Picked up RV after..."

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  • Lance Camper

    Lance Camper

    2.3 (48 reviews)
    • RVs, Motorhomes and Trailers
    • www.lancecamper.com

    "The water heater on our brand new Lance 2465 would not heat water. The dealership wanted $150 to do a diagnosis. We contacted Lance Camper service instead. The Lance rep (Rick) was terrific. He talked us through a diagnosis and..."

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  • La Mesa Rv

    La Mesa Rv

    1.5 (65 reviews)
    • RVs, Motorhomes and Trailers
    • www.lamesarv.com

    "I have been trying to get ahold of their service since early February ! No reply. 5 emails and video showing a plumbing leak. My awning wore out in less than a year and I rarely used it. Its been in since Jan and no call back to..."

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