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  • Pissed Consumer

    Pissed Consumer

    3.5 (685 reviews)
    • Review Websites and Directories
    • www.pissedconsumer.com

    "Dear Sir/Madam,

    Thank you for posting your review.

    Please note that we are neutral online review platform, we do not investigate the postings or users.

    If you would like to get in touch with Booking customer support, please visit htt..."

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  • Whitepages


    1.4 (732 reviews)
    • Background and People Search
    • www.whitepages.com

    "Dont exactly know why it was disabled i tried to change my password it worked and now is disabled, i need to log in"

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  • Yelp


    1.4 (632 reviews)
    • Review Websites and Directories
    • www.yelp.com

    "All I wanted was a receipt. They make it impossible to reach them, and then did not respond even when I got through on here."

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  • Aol


    1.4 (399 reviews)
    • Review Websites and Directories
    • www.aol.com

    "Help us to keep your account safe.
    We want to make sure that it's really you using this account. Choose a method below to verify that this is your account."

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  • 6ya


    1.4 (260 reviews)
    • Review Websites and Directories
    • www.6ya.com

    "I was charged on my bill for 49.00 and I canceled my account last month and was told I would not be charged . I want this credited immediately. I was not aware and no one told me I would be charged for asking a question. This is..."

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  • TripAdvisor


    1.6 (163 reviews)
    • Review Websites and Directories
    • www.tripadvisor.com

    "I had booked a room in belgaum Anupam hotel but the booking went to Anupam hotel udaipur because your site was showing Belgaum but now booking had been done to Udaipur so because of wrong location I need the refund"

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  • Consumer Reports

    Consumer Reports

    1.5 (42 reviews)
    • Review Websites and Directories
    • www.consumerreports.org

    "My father is 96 and is now living with me the girl would not authorize the address change and my father is in no condition to be talking on the phone. She gave me such a hard time I said I just let the post office do it"

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  • GasBuddy


    2.1 (59 reviews)
    • Review Websites and Directories
    • www.gasbuddy.com

    "Can't link new card to account, n new bank account also mmmmmgggggjjjjjgggghjjjjhhgggghhhhhgfddddffff"

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  • Better Business Bureau

    Better Business Bureau

    1.3 (40 reviews)
    • Review Websites and Directories
    • www.bbb.org

    "AT&T is a rip off. I did a phone replacement & paid $280 & returned the damaged phone within a couple of days after receiving my new phone and months later AT&T sends me an email saying they've not received my phone that I sent..."

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  • Restaurant Com

    Restaurant Com

    1.8 (40 reviews)
    • Review Websites and Directories
    • www.restaurant.com

    "I have certificates that I purchased but I am unable to use them because I can not find any restaurant to accept the certificates"

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