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  • PissedConsumer


    3.9 (1,074 reviews)
    • Review Websites and Directories
    • www.pissedconsumer.com

    "Dear Olivia,

    We are sorry to hear about your unhappy experience with our platform.

    Thank you for letting us know about this issue.

    Your request has been transferred to the appropriate department to double-check the accuracy of the nu..."

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  • Yelp


    1.5 (687 reviews)
    • Review Websites and Directories
    • www.yelp.com

    "Yelp offered a 21 day add Campaig. Yelp had A bug in their software and indicated the business was closed on Saturday! In order to fix the mistake they offered a $330 addition to the ad budget. We were not aware that the free Ad c..."

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  • Aol


    1.4 (424 reviews)
    • Review Websites and Directories
    • www.aol.com

    "They talk nonsense with a south Asian accent until you glve up.Drop AOL No other sites put you through this pain.Why would a legitimate org be be involved in that s."

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  • 6ya


    1.3 (274 reviews)
    • Review Websites and Directories
    • www.6ya.com

    "Please activate my 6ya account I was going through a bad time in my life. With the divorce from my wife I helped many people and love every part of it . please give me another chance"

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  • Consumer Reports

    Consumer Reports

    1.6 (46 reviews)
    • Review Websites and Directories
    • www.consumerreports.org

    "Never got a phone call back from customer service. I sent gifts for consumer reports. Two people never received it.i was charged. So what do i need to do to contact you and and get this resolved. I have given gifts in the past..."

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  • Better Business Bureau

    Better Business Bureau

    1.5 (53 reviews)
    • Review Websites and Directories
    • www.bbb.org

    "I had went to have surgery on my neck and then went to rehab after my surgery but when I got out of rehab and went to pay my storage bill and get my stuff out of storage no one was there or answer the phone and then when I did..."

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  • Quora


    1.7 (59 reviews)
    • Review Websites and Directories
    • www.quora.com

    "I have been charged twice now $10.68(AUD) in the last 48 hours! for the 30 day free trial that I signed up for! This is absolutely ridiculous and unacceptable Im currently only living off centre-link money so I only receive..."

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  • Restaurant Com

    Restaurant Com

    1.9 (50 reviews)
    • Review Websites and Directories
    • www.restaurant.com

    "Want to change coupon and have not been able to log in therefore the company is not user friendly and I suspect they are not willing to work with the customer"

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  • Trustpilot


    1.1 (41 reviews)
    • Review Websites and Directories
    • www.trustpilot.com

    "I dont know what happened but I never received any response from this company after trying to contact them about my order that I made almost three months ago."

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  • Erewards


    2.0 (27 reviews)
    • Review Websites and Directories
    • www.e-rewards.com

    "E-rewards has only my landline phone. After sending me an access code on my landline, they then want me to use Veriff with a QR code - how do I take a picture of that ?? .. or to get the veriff link on my iPhone, of which they do..."

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