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Restoration, Renovation and Remodeling
  • South River Restoration Company

    South River Restoration Company

    1.0 (1 review)
    • Restoration, Renovation and Remodeling

    "This so called "company " is in the business of ripping off insurance companies. They come into you home, destroy everything they touch, make false promises of doing work and never show up, then they charge your insurance..."

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  • Solutions Restoration Matthew Bergh

    Solutions Restoration Matthew Bergh

    • Restoration, Renovation and Remodeling
    • solutionsrestoration.com

    "When you have experienced a Tornado and suffered sever damage to your Home. You expect to get some relief and have the roof temporarily covered when a Contractor comes out and places a Tarp to protect from further damage. But,..."

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  • Restoration Works

    Restoration Works

    • Restoration, Renovation and Remodeling

    "Stephen Pate seems like a nice enough guy when you first meet him. He comes across as very knowledgeable about motorcycles. He spins yarns about all the people he knows and has done big favors for, how without him they would have..."

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    • Restoration, Renovation and Remodeling
    • www.paramountrestorationsystems.com

    "I have used this company before and had no problems with them at all. They came out right away to assist my elderly parents.
    I was away in Alabama and couldn't return to the tampa area for another day. My parents didn't have ins..."

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  • Kevins Pressure Washing Restoration

    Kevins Pressure Washing Restoration

    • Restoration, Renovation and Remodeling

    "I have been called over 10 times by this business and have been verbally abused, threatened with physical
    harm and hung up on when I requested that my name be removed from their calling list. The call is a
    "robo call" but when you..."

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  • Imagine Remodeling

    Imagine Remodeling

    2.5 (1 review)
    • Restoration, Renovation and Remodeling
    • www.imagineremodelinginc.com

    "Discussed in detail what we wanted in our siding job. After talking about how other companies sub their work, we got a sub crew!! They did a good job but if I wasn’t there all the things I discussed with Eric would not have been..."

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  • Great American Home Remodeling

    Great American Home Remodeling

    1.0 (1 review)
    • Restoration, Renovation and Remodeling
    • www.greatamerican-ca.com

    "Besides a horrible job they didnt use the right stamp
    The lines arent straight
    They got oil all over my newly painted house
    What they did get off took house paint off or discolored it
    Parts of the patio arent even touching the house

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  • Fords Remodeling LLC

    Fords Remodeling LLC

    • Restoration, Renovation and Remodeling

    "Wrote a estimate of 20 hrs for 2 people on job. Did job in 6 hrs with with 5 people on site. Was glad they got work completed in smaller time frame with more workers. Some people don’t realize that if quoted more than they worked..."

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  • Disaster Restoration Squad

    Disaster Restoration Squad

    1.0 (1 review)
    • Restoration, Renovation and Remodeling

    "One of there workers put a nail threw our natural gas line.
    It was leaking gas in our house for 7 months.
    it ran up a big bill wtih our gas comapny.
    Jerrod came out found the leak sad it was his falt but he has not paid what he ow..."

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  • Creative Practical Remodeling

    Creative Practical Remodeling

    • Restoration, Renovation and Remodeling

    "We hired Steve Walsh of Creative Practical Remodeling to remodel our kitchen. At first he did great and the work was good. However, as soon as he got a bigger job to work on he simply stopped showing up. The thing that really tick..."

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