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  • Steak N Shake

    Steak N Shake

    2.3 (2,458 reviews)
    • Cafes, Restaurants and Bars

    "People get agitated with the kiosks. I saw people come in, take a look at them, and leave. No one wants to help the customer. I got a fountain drink and NO ONE told me I had to scan a bar code to get the drink. What the heck is..."

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  • Waffle House

    Waffle House

    2.4 (1,647 reviews)
    • Cafes, Restaurants and Bars

    "On 6-19-2024, at 1622 Joe B Jackson Parkway Murfreesboro, TN, store #2326, at 10:00 pm, my wife and I had the worst experience ever. The person who seemed to be in charge was very rude. She was not at all professional. She..."

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  • Chilis


    2.2 (1,687 reviews)
    • Cafes, Restaurants and Bars

    "I need a manager from upper management to please get in contact with me regarding a complaint and a police report."

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  • Outback Steakhouse

    Outback Steakhouse

    2.3 (1,614 reviews)
    • Cafes, Restaurants and Bars

    "Manager refused to honor posted advertisement located inside the restaurant. This is not the proper way to do business. Unacceptable"

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  • Bob Evans Restaurants

    Bob Evans Restaurants

    2.6 (1,005 reviews)
    • Cafes, Restaurants and Bars

    "Waited an hour never got the food me and my wife ordered. Every one around us even the ones that got there after us got there food. After an hour we got up and left"

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  • Golden Corral

    Golden Corral

    2.3 (850 reviews)
    • Cafes, Restaurants and Bars

    "No problem! Just wondering why you haven't put a Golden Corral anywhere in Central Pennsylvania? I live 5 minutes from PSU university, this would be an ideal spit for your restaurant. Land for sale on Benner Pike ( College Ave.)..."

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  • Texas Roadhouse

    Texas Roadhouse

    2.5 (853 reviews)
    • Cafes, Restaurants and Bars

    "On June 4, 2024, my wife and I decided to eat at Texas Roadhouse on Highway 35 in Holmdel, NJ. We called beforehand to see if they required a reservation. We were told it wasn't necessary since it was a Tuesday and typically..."

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  • Dennys Restaurant

    Dennys Restaurant

    2.3 (685 reviews)
    • Cafes, Restaurants and Bars

    "This was at the Denny's in Glenwood, Eugene, Oregon. My husband and I went in for breakfast. The waitress took our order, brought us coffees, but they were only lukewarm. So, when she came back, I stuck my finger in my coffee and..."

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  • Cracker Barrel

    Cracker Barrel

    2.6 (770 reviews)
    • Cafes, Restaurants and Bars

    "We walked in the store we shopped we spent money but before we went shopping, we were to come and eat we got in line said 45 minutes we waited 45 minutes and then before we received it, we were told theres no chicken we came..."

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  • Applebees


    2.0 (625 reviews)
    • Cafes, Restaurants and Bars

    "I went to Detroit, Michigan downtown Applebee's on May twenty-six. I made a complaint and I still have not gotten a call back about this situation. I did do a Google review and the Google review response has now been taken down...."

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