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  • Agero


    1.2 (177 reviews)
    • Service Centers and Repairs
    • www.agero.com

    "4447**** was a fuel delivery I did and the card is declined and that's the card for agero swoop this is happening a lot lately and I'm thinking about getting my lawyer to handle it because we do the work and then they find..."

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  • Advanced Tech Support

    Advanced Tech Support

    2.3 (44 reviews)
    • Service Centers and Repairs
    • advancedtechsupport.com

    "Lack of service, lack of response, long waits or no answer after asking for a call back.

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  • Allstate Motor Club

    Allstate Motor Club

    1.5 (142 reviews)
    • Service Centers and Repairs
    • www.allstatemotorclub.com

    "I have been waiting for over 3 hours for a tow. The first time I called to see why they had found out about who was towing me I was told they had found 6 different providers but the no ones they had already contacted didn't have..."

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  • Good Sam Club

    Good Sam Club

    1.4 (138 reviews)
    • Service Centers and Repairs
    • www.goodsamclub.com

    "??? Signed up with good sams club + Roadside never got permanent cards still waiting ??? ? ??? ?? ??"

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  • Precision Tune

    Precision Tune

    1.7 (105 reviews)
    • Service Centers and Repairs
    • www.precisiontune.com

    "I went in on November 14,2022 and got an oil change on my 2020 Nissan Altima and noticed later that day that oil was on my driveway, raised my hood and low and behold my oil cap was left off my car. Oil was everywhere under my..."

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  • The Tire Choice

    The Tire Choice

    1.6 (123 reviews)
    • Service Centers and Repairs
    • www.thetirechoice.com

    "I ordered 4 new tires through Amazon. Had them delivered to store #1351. The guy signed for them and only received 3 .went there to get installed only 3 where there. Someone needs to fix problem. It's not my fault he signed for..."

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  • Town Fair Tire

    Town Fair Tire

    2.0 (112 reviews)
    • Service Centers and Repairs
    • www.townfair.com

    "Hello, Im trying to contact someone about an experience, time consuming inconvenience that happened to me at one of your locations.
    I purchased 4 new tires from the Shewsbury location and they neglected to put back my tire key. The..."

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  • Brake Check

    Brake Check

    1.6 (83 reviews)
    • Service Centers and Repairs
    • www.brakecheck.com

    "The manager of the harker hieghts location, Migel stole money from Brake check by not reporting a 50.00 fee that he required of me to perform unreported and disgraceful work on my vehicle. And this man remains a representative of..."

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  • First Extended Service Corporation

    First Extended Service Corporation

    1.3 (84 reviews)
    • Service Centers and Repairs
    • www.firstextended.com

    "Yall asked me to rate my experience with you, I did.
    My car was totaled a week ago. Called Extended warranty to cancel plan and get refund. They told me to go to dealership. Dealership no longer associated with dealership. Changed..."

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  • Caliber Collision

    Caliber Collision

    2.0 (118 reviews)
    • Service Centers and Repairs
    • www.caliber.com

    "The representative, Hannah, can't tell a date for my repairs. She suggested her manager Josh would contact me better explaination of the delays,since last Friday, Nov 4, he has failed miserably at this simple task.The vehicle has..."

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