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  • American Homes 4 Rent

    American Homes 4 Rent

    1.3 (685 reviews)
    • Real Estate

    "Today I am only out 100 bucks instead of thousands, and am thankful. Absolutely a sham company that hopefully does not sell sensitive personal. We ended the rental verification before it started."

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  • Zillow


    1.6 (427 reviews)
    • Real Estate

    Need the number to customer service for Zillow. So I can talk to a live person about getting a house for rent in the Bay area. Can you please provide that to me? Thank you."

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  • Greystar


    1.6 (471 reviews)
    • Real Estate

    "Never talked to a person just would hang up no matter what.
    Tried every option they would give me. Just a bad number."

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  • Morgan Properties

    Morgan Properties

    1.7 (495 reviews)
    • Real Estate

    "Constant noise from neighbors with little to no help from management. RUN from this place and dont look back."

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  • Keller Williams Realty

    Keller Williams Realty

    1.3 (372 reviews)
    • Real Estate

    "Its an urgent matter to talk to somebody in the front office about an agent. They have working for them that threatened my life and some other stuff but nobodys getting back to me. Yeah, Im pissed."

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  • RentCafe


    1.5 (243 reviews)
    • Real Estate

    "I was talked to rudely and told that they can not help me as resident, only the manager. My manager has tried to help resolve the issue and has had no luck. I was told to call rentcafe. Do that and still am in the same place I..."

    Read All 534 reviews Customer Service
  • Roomster


    1.4 (207 reviews)
    • Real Estate

    "I rented a place through roomster accepted a new job opportunity. I dont understand if my job was not capable due to connections issues the landlords couldve gave my 30 days to move they just put me out on the street immediately...."

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  • Remax


    1.4 (143 reviews)
    • Real Estate

    "Was a realtor in Southwest Florida that was specifically doxing one of my friends pulling up her listing and sending people to her house over a personal matter. Everything from death threats to threats of raping... Remax never..."

    Read All 328 reviews Customer Service
  • Pathlight Property Management

    Pathlight Property Management

    1.3 (218 reviews)
    • Real Estate

    "No AC in house and countless other issues. Work order put in for AC 12 days ago and still no response. Just like all other work orders - if they even address it, it was with horrible work that fails again as soon as their so calle..."

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  • Cal Am Properties

    Cal Am Properties

    1.5 (155 reviews)
    • Real Estate

    "Why the *** do you care what is the purpose of you all there is no purpose get the *** my phone ***"

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