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  • American Homes 4 Rent

    American Homes 4 Rent

    1.4 (629 reviews)
    • Real Estate
    • www.americanhomes4rent.com

    "I need to know why my app took so long. Well over a week. Then I call and speak to Gabriel, verify income etc. then I wait days. Then finally he tells me its denied. Im livid. Last year. I applied with you all. Then with another n..."

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  • Greystar


    1.6 (403 reviews)
    • Real Estate
    • www.greystar.com

    "We completed our rental assistance app and housing is key emailed us to see if Greystar would resign the app which they have already signed. The owners of this complex is switching management company and for the last three weeks..."

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  • Keller Williams Realty

    Keller Williams Realty

    1.3 (336 reviews)
    • Real Estate
    • www.kw.com

    "I have a preapproval letter that has been verified by the bank. My job has been called, and I have the 406k I told these children I would have. I also have gotten the 15k cash for the down payment. Now they have 6 agents sending..."

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  • Morgan Properties

    Morgan Properties

    2.5 (362 reviews)
    • Real Estate
    • www.morgan-properties.com

    "They charge a $42 convenience fee to pay your rent online but refuse to take money orders. Paying rent is hard enough without bogus charges."

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  • Zillow


    1.5 (177 reviews)
    • Real Estate
    • www.zillow.com

    "My entire apartment, EVERY ROOM. Even my childrens photos, are on the website, WITHOUT my consent. Appreciate your assistance. Please and thank you"

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  • Remax


    1.4 (112 reviews)
    • Real Estate
    • www.remax.com

    "Hi there I had saw a listing on indeed for remax like two weeks ago to post listings on social media and the pay would be $200 weekely a guy named Joseph Gross has been sending me listings to post but he hasnt paid me. I would lik..."

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  • Waypoint Homes

    Waypoint Homes

    1.6 (165 reviews)
    • Real Estate
    • waypointhomes.com

    "Delivery of cabinets contractor will not give me any info"

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  • Cal Am Properties

    Cal Am Properties

    1.6 (120 reviews)
    • Real Estate
    • www.cal-am.com

    "I had to leave Good Life RV Resort early last spring due to Covid but did not receive a partial credit, although at least one other renter last year did receive a credit for medical reasons. Management lied to me by saying, "No cr..."

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  • Havenbrook Homes

    Havenbrook Homes

    1.9 (133 reviews)
    • Real Estate
    • www.havenbrookhomes.com

    "i was a tenant for 5 years. I loved the house when in moved in because it has a built on room. Needless to say it is a disastor. The roof been leaking for years they kept patching it up. I lost so much furniture in there. Rain..."

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  • Pama Management

    Pama Management

    1.3 (84 reviews)
    • Real Estate
    • www.pamamgt.com

    "I live there for one year I gave you guys 1800* 500 upfront to live in that dump and your manager Lupe after the money was all gone try to take me to court and I won cuz that pace is a piece of *** if I ever see Lupe ever and I'm..."

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