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  • Express Vitals

    Express Vitals

    1.0 (12 reviews)
    • Professional Services
    • www.expressvitals.com

    "I need to cancel my birth certificate order as I done it by mistake and can't afford 65pound iam single mother on benefits it was a genuine mistake so please cancel it ASAP"

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  • Brilliant Download

    Brilliant Download

    1.1 (13 reviews)
    • Professional Services
    • brilliantdownload.com

    "a scam site !!! no service take your money and get nothing in return"

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  • Deborah Graham Bocaraton

    Deborah Graham Bocaraton

    3.0 (11 reviews)
    • Professional Services
    • www.mrsgraham.com

    "I asked her my questions. She said she wasn't going to waist her time on me if I wasn't going to listen after I repeated needing to know about someone who affected my life.
    She said I attracted.being attacked. After I hung up she l..."

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  • World Patent Marketing

    World Patent Marketing

    1.1 (9 reviews)
    • Professional Services
    • worldpatentmarketing.com

    "they stole 14,000 dollars and I got know patent for my invention so the company need too pay everybody lost money. the CEO of this scam need too go too jail."

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  • Travisa


    1.7 (10 reviews)
    • Professional Services
    • www.travisa.com

    "Nothing happened no one answered"

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  • Jill Dahne

    Jill Dahne

    3.0 (2 reviews)
    • Professional Services
    • www.jilldahne.com

    "I am 25 this lady is the real deal. I canceled my card on her because I payed up front in full with no predictions. I thought she scammed me. But she did not she called me the next and she was right on the money. I am going to..."

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  • The Logo Loft

    The Logo Loft

    2.1 (7 reviews)
    • Professional Services
    • www.thelogoloft.com

    "My computer crashed and I lost my logos. I would like to know if you have a copy of them."

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  • Enrich Financial

    Enrich Financial

    2.2 (13 reviews)
    • Professional Services
    • www.enrichfin.com

    "My Sr. citizen mom went to them to settle a debt with credit cards and a furniture company. She made it very clear that she wanted her debts settled. They charged her $3500 to settle her debts. They took her money and never..."

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  • Helios And Matheson

    Helios And Matheson

    1.0 (3 reviews)
    • Professional Services
    • www.hmny.com

    "i had invested rs 2,00,000 in fd ,I have not received any communication and return money regarding this ."

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  • Fizber


    1.1 (7 reviews)
    • Professional Services
    • www.fizber.com

    "They send you a bogus text/email to check the status of your listing. Ask you to email them that its still available, shortly after you receive a phone call from a bogus phone number trying to tell you they will list it for free!..."

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