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  • Invention Home

    Invention Home

    2.8 (17 reviews)
    • Professional Services
    • www.inventionhome.com

    "They claim that for $399 they will do a provisionary patent search. Which I found out means they will take your money and do nothing.
    They have an out for everything. They claim the search was just a grain of sand on the beech! Tha..."

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  • Interface Modeling And Acting

    Interface Modeling And Acting

    1.1 (8 reviews)
    • Professional Services

    "I was approached at Annapolis mall by someone from Interface saying about how beautiful my daughter is and how she should be on TV, they signed me up for an appointment, once I got to the appt the consultant showed all these..."

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  • Insta Dubai Visa

    Insta Dubai Visa

    1.2 (20 reviews)
    • Professional Services
    • instadubaivisa.com

    "I contacted them because I used their services once when I was desperate, the 1st time they took a lot of money from me on behave of the Government saying that health insurance is needed to enter to UEA, whether it's true or not,..."

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  • Staples Business Advantage

    Staples Business Advantage

    1.9 (19 reviews)
    • Professional Services
    • www.staplesadvantage.com

    "I called Staples 5 days before my auto restock was to be delivered to see if I could get my order delivered earlier, but they could not. The day they were supposed to be delivered they did not come. I called and they said they..."

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  • Florida Fakes

    Florida Fakes

    1.6 (9 reviews)
    • Professional Services

    "I have fought and fought to get my Florida Unemployment due me. I waited from March to May and went broke. They finally paid me in May but early June put my claim on hold stating I went back to work when I did not. I have been on..."

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  • Delaware North Companies

    Delaware North Companies

    1.1 (15 reviews)
    • Professional Services
    • www.delawarenorth.com

    "I have over 1700.00 in fundraiser money in my TAV account for my daughter. However, she is not playing for TAV this season.
    I would like to know what I need to do to get the credit transferred or paid out.
    The TAV fundraiser that is..."

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  • AMERIflex


    1.1 (16 reviews)
    • Professional Services
    • www.flex125.com

    "I had a orthodontist treatment contract with monthly payment plan. The charge is from the dental office. I have submitted whatever paper from the dental office gave me. I call them and explain. No avail. Such a pain to work with."

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  • United Patent Research

    United Patent Research

    2.4 (8 reviews)
    • Professional Services
    • www.unitedpatentresearch.com

    "Don't waste your time and money. The representatives at United Patent Research called and emailed me regularly when they were looking for payment of some kind. However, once I paid for the trade show representation, it suddenly..."

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  • Csmembers Com

    Csmembers Com

    2.1 (15 reviews)
    • Professional Services
    • csmembers.com

    "The number could not be completed as dialed so I didn't get to talk to anyone"

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  • Immigration Direct

    Immigration Direct

    1.0 (7 reviews)
    • Professional Services
    • www.immigrationdirect.com

    "Not refunding money foreign person on telephone hard to understand this company needs to close and be arrested"

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