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  • Scribd


    1.3 (44 reviews)
    • Professional Services
    • www.scribd.com

    "Why was I charged $11.99 when my subscription has expired. June, July, and now August 8th.
    I have copied two pages where it shows subscription expired September 17, 2021
    I dont understand why Ive been charged for 3 months. Please ad..."

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    1.4 (54 reviews)
    • Professional Services
    • www.psacard.com

    "Poor authentication process on items I submitted. Not worth my money. Better authentication companies that will actually give you value for your $, and refund your questionably authentic items. You could waste 1,000$ dollars just..."

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  • Advocate Healthcare

    Advocate Healthcare

    1.5 (53 reviews)
    • Professional Services
    • www.advocatehealth.com

    "Paid my bill $5000.00 and $6000.00 They have been harassing me now for two years. Trying to collect 1500.00 that I do not owe. I sent proof that I paid balance. So now they sent it to a second collection agency."

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  • Cultural Care Au Pair

    Cultural Care Au Pair

    1.5 (41 reviews)
    • Professional Services
    • culturalcare.com

    "A Catastrophe! Beware!
    First, if I could give this agency zero stars, I definitely would. I have absolutely no interest in hearing what the agency has to say in response to my review, as they played a MAJOR role in our AuPair's beh..."

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  • SecurityTel LLC

    SecurityTel LLC

    1.2 (34 reviews)
    • Software

    "Yes I would like my 45.98 that I was charged for when I never even made a decision on anything yet. As soon as I put my card on file then bam it is tooken out. So plz give me my money back."

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  • Youcaring


    1.6 (43 reviews)
    • Professional Services
    • www.youcaring.com

    "These fees are obscene, especially when youcaring has a reputation for ignoring charity whenever their arbitrary customer service decides someone isn't worth supporting (see: Hughmungus). Overall, a vacuous service that's better..."

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  • Touchstone Research Group

    Touchstone Research Group

    1.1 (34 reviews)
    • Professional Services
    • www.touchstoneresearchgroup.com

    "I ordered my DD214 on 1/17/21. I Paid for the service and have still not received any product. I continue to be lied to and given the run around.
    DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!!!!!! Might as well flush your money down the toilet"

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  • Delivery Drivers Inc

    Delivery Drivers Inc

    1.6 (23 reviews)
    • Professional Services
    • ddiwork.com

    "I applied for spark driver, I still have not gotten an email or anything about my background check. Ive reach out to the email at least three times and also spark driver no response. Is there a phone number to can contact and..."

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  • Overnight Prints

    Overnight Prints

    1.5 (39 reviews)
    • Professional Services
    • www.overnightprints.com

    "I paid for expedited shipping due to multiple events that require business cards. Not only did I not receive the cards in time (2 weeks late), the cards are all different sizes. Quality control is not their strong suit either.
    Do n..."

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  • WorthPoint


    1.2 (30 reviews)
    • Professional Services
    • www.worthpoint.com

    "Their site promotes a 7 day trial but their site doesnt allow you to cancel.
    I tried using the site to look up vintage sewing machines, I got no good info, I could have done better research on my own. I went to cancel, but couldnt...."

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