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  • IDme


    1.5 (1,583 reviews)
    • Professional Services
    • www.id.me

    "I cannot fathom how i am a verified veteran, who now was laid-off from work, now unable to get my verification for unemployment benefits that I earned.
    How is it that a 3rd party, non-governmental business, gets the right to verify..."

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  • Urban Company

    Urban Company

    1.3 (336 reviews)
    • Professional Services
    • www.urbancompany.com

    "Booked for A.c repair and no response from your side.. payment done in advance.. please respond for this"

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  • Rebates International

    Rebates International

    1.7 (177 reviews)
    • Professional Services
    • www.rebateinternational.com

    "I should be able to receive my 11% rebate from menards with the products I bought. I lost the original receipt with rebate offer attached to the bottom of receipt."

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  • Davison Inventions

    Davison Inventions

    5.0 (124 reviews)
    • Professional Services
    • www.davison.com

    "Hello, Mr. Ricardo,
    You have been a valued client since first contacting Davison in March 2016. Client concerns are
    taken seriously and efforts are made to resolve those concerns. As will be detailed, you
    contracted for services whic..."

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  • Delivery Drivers Inc

    Delivery Drivers Inc

    1.5 (119 reviews)
    • Professional Services
    • ddiwork.com

    "I updated my address to the correct location in a larger city with 7 locations available for drivers. It takes around 6 weeks to receive a response. I asked for someone to please call me back so they can update on their end. I'm..."

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  • LexisNexis


    1.1 (112 reviews)
    • Professional Services
    • www.lexisnexis.com

    "They have reported information on me that is not true to my insurance company causing them to increase my insurance?"

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  • Bark Com

    Bark Com

    1.3 (133 reviews)
    • Professional Services
    • www.bark.com

    "I have never accessed their website before but the charged my card about 10,000 Cedis. I called their office line to report ,they were requesting for all the numbers on my bank card before they can help me.I didn't give it to..."

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  • TeleTech


    1.8 (68 reviews)
    • Professional Services
    • www.teletech.com

    "Ok I am needing to know was I let go from your company yes or no now it is really getting annoying . I have not worked for you company in months and I need to know if I was let go or you still have me employed an if so why"

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  • Invent Help

    Invent Help

    4.4 (50 reviews)
    • Professional Services
    • inventhelp.com

    "We are in receipt of the above referenced review.
    This individual is not an InventHelp client. We have received multiple requests to contact him regarding our services, which we have done; however, he has never chosen to move forwa..."

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  • Dun And Bradstreet

    Dun And Bradstreet

    1.2 (52 reviews)
    • Professional Services
    • www.dnb.com

    "Wrong number I can not get in touch with dubs and Bradstreet is there any away I can be provided with a contact number or can tbdy contact me 725-895-****"

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