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  • Make Your Own Garments

    Make Your Own Garments

    4.0 (1 review)
    • Printing
    • makeyourowngarments.com

    "I want big seller and I have also like product flipcart
    So I aam very happy and I want sell shirt t shirt jeans paint top jeans leggies kurties lahanga gown frock sarees patiyala shuit churidar blows chilldren wear etc"

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  • Inkgility


    1.6 (1 review)
    • Printing
    • www.inkgility.com

    "We ordered business cards more than a month ago. Agreed on the delivery date for November 5th in the USA. From November 3rd, I wrote to them everywhere to confirm delivery. but they didn’t answer me until November 9th. I decided..."

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  • Gemini Sign Products

    Gemini Sign Products

    1.0 (1 review)
    • Printing
    • www.geminisignproducts.com

    "mark and matt evangelous are the biggest scammers in marlboro, they do nothing but rip people off. they should be in the catagory of thieves. they lie to the IRS on there taxes. put there wives and kids on the payroll, to make it..."

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  • Carousel Checks

    Carousel Checks

    2.0 (2 reviews)
    • Printing
    • www.carouselchecks.com

    "Started order, there is no information about an extra $13.80 processing fee until you sign up with your email and fill out all your check information. Deceptive pricing. Started order, there is no information about an extra..."

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  • Add Printing and Packaging

    Add Printing and Packaging

    • Printing
    • www.addprintingpackaging.com

    "sent me several letters stating i had won 2,997,500.00 and said to send $20.00 for their processing fee. Sounded to good and way bad why send money for money you have won why wouldnt they just take it out of the money i won. Hey..."

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  • Wristbands Com

    Wristbands Com

    1.0 (1 review)
    • Printing
    • www.wristbands.com

    "Do Not, I repeat Do Not purchase any wristbands from www.wristbands.com. They are a rip off. I ordered a 100 custom wristbands and when I received the package in the mail they were poor quality. You could barely see the..."

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  • Worldwide Australia

    Worldwide Australia

    • Printing
    • www.worldwide.com.au

    "call's your home say's they can lower your credit cards rates to a 1.99% and will save you money. They charge your account $ 695.00 and you never here from them again. has this happen to anyone
    and have any kind of info. o..."

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  • Updone Canvas Printing

    Updone Canvas Printing

    • Printing
    • updone.com

    "I have used this company in the past but I won't again! It took 35 days for me to get my order when it says on their site that they ship in 3 to 4 business days. The receptionists was not professional and put me on hold for 10..."

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  • Tiny Prints

    Tiny Prints

    5.0 (1 review)
    • Printing
    • www.shutterfly.com

    "Dont like this site..please remove me from posted consumer"

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  • The House Of Advertising

    The House Of Advertising

    • Printing
    • www.houseofad.co.za

    "I ordered 50 boards for a price. I received an invoice for the boards. I then changed my order to 40 boards. They invoiced me then for the board and little paint work. I queried the extra cost since ordering 10 less boards, Onika..."

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