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  • Canvas On Demand

    Canvas On Demand

    2.2 (29 reviews)
    • Printing
    • www.canvasondemand.com

    "No response to my problem you have my order on hold and I dont know why the number of the order is 578-****"

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  • Printify


    2.1 (35 reviews)
    • Printing
    • printify.com

    "I had an established eCommerce account with Printify and they "accidentally" deleted my account along with all the work I put in creating it. How do you "accidentally" delete a complete account? Absolute negligence. They promised..."

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  • CafePress


    1.9 (24 reviews)
    • Printing
    • www.cafepress.com

    "Ordered a disk with a printed message. Arrived on time but the message was so off-center it almost bled off the edge. Called, talked to a very helpful, friendly person who assured me a replacement (no charge) would arrive on time..."

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  • The Bradford Exchange Checks

    The Bradford Exchange Checks

    1.9 (25 reviews)
    • Printing
    • www.bradfordexchangechecks.com

    "I ordered checks from Bradford Checks in August, and paid the $26.85 for my order on August 28th. I did not chose nor authorize any other charges nor subscribe to any "rewards" program. However, 2 more charges of $14.95 have been..."

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  • Artistic Checks

    Artistic Checks

    1.8 (17 reviews)
    • Printing
    • www.artisticchecks.com

    "Slow turn around. After one month and haven't received my product, they told me it takes 6 weeks for the mail to get across the country...because of Covid. But if I really need it urgently for a special fee I could receive it in..."

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  • Simply To Impress

    Simply To Impress

    2.8 (18 reviews)
    • Printing
    • www.simplytoimpress.com

    "I am very upset with your company. I have been using simply to impress for years and never had an issue plus a nasty employee of yours. I needed to mail invites immediately the day i received my cards but since their was no..."

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  • Your Perfect Canvas

    Your Perfect Canvas

    1.3 (23 reviews)
    • Printing
    • yourperfectcanvas.com

    "No one is answering I want my order cancelled should not be this hard"

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  • WinkFlash


    2.2 (16 reviews)
    • Printing
    • www.winkflash.com

    "No complaints, you guys are great! I just have a question about creating my cards. My "Signature" cards have a full photo on the front, blank on the inside, and a small related photo on the back with my name. I cannot find a way..."

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  • The Styles Check

    The Styles Check

    2.5 (25 reviews)
    • Printing
    • www.styleschecks.com

    "I placed an order for $60 but ended up paying $100 due to unexpected shipping and hidden fees. Disappointed with the undisclosed charges. Transparency in pricing is important. Buyers should review terms and contact sellers..."

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  • Photobox


    2.9 (11 reviews)
    • Printing
    • www.photobox.co.uk

    "I have been using PhotoBox for many years but I haven't done so in a couple of years. I am attempting to make a photobook for my husbands Christmas present. It was painfully slow to load all the photos but now they are finally..."

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