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  • DataCaptive


    4.2 (18 reviews)
    • PR and Marketing
    • www.datacaptive.com

    "DataCaptives data list has produced positive outcomes and a high delivery rate, increasing our conversion rate. We also used their free email templates, which helped us engage with the audience better"

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  • Dot Com Chrome

    Dot Com Chrome

    • PR and Marketing
    • www.dotcomchrome.com

    "Jamie Mc Dougal is now behind another company with the same scam selling Google Adwords. The company is now called EBS Marketing based in Manchester, I believe at the same address as dot com. I checked with companies house and a..."

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  • Prizelogic


    1.7 (15 reviews)
    • PR and Marketing
    • www.prizelogic.com

    "They sent an email saying Ive won $500 in the above sweepstake. Tried to contact them, but no response. The whole thing seems a scam. Totally unprofessional. Why do reputed companies do business with such a bogus company???"

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  • Thagavalfree


    1.0 (1 review)
    • PR and Marketing
    • thagavalfree.com

    "Dear Readers,

    Mass media/ Thagavalfree is a 100% FRAUD/CHEATING company. Their MD Mr. Arunachalam or whatever the name of that dog is, is a No.1 fraud. Mr. Murugan is his assistant cheat. You cannot make money with their scheme..."

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  • iComeUp Marketing

    iComeUp Marketing

    1.5 (22 reviews)
    • PR and Marketing
    • icomeup.com

    "DO not give your money to COdy Kerns. He is not reliable. He will take your money and run!!! His life style is a fake. He uses your money to live a good life. Stay away!!!
    I read all the bad reviews and still decided to give cody a..."

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  • Sellerinsure


    2.6 (17 reviews)
    • PR and Marketing
    • www.sellerinsure.com

    "I thought this was a overall decent service ,I ended up getting exactly what I needed which was some feedback for my amazon seller account since my odr was taking a really bad hit. The only issue I had was the directions of how..."

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  • Dispruptive PR

    Dispruptive PR

    1.4 (21 reviews)
    • PR and Marketing
    • dispruptive.uk

    "Well, glad to see that she is in jail. Let's see if the staff and clients she ripped off get some of their money back."

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  • Quinstreet


    1.0 (9 reviews)
    • PR and Marketing
    • www.quinstreet.com

    "I was told to contact you for information being given out regarding alicejane gould. If there fee cancel"

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  • Universal Media Biz

    Universal Media Biz

    1.0 (8 reviews)
    • PR and Marketing
    • www.universalmedia.biz

    "Beware - don't fall for this scam! Also, they're now operating as "Emotive Media" - ignore all calls from Rick, and don't verify your address from them. If they do end up sending you something, don't accept the package or just..."

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  • Webimax


    2.2 (4 reviews)
    • PR and Marketing
    • www.webimax.com

    "After $1150 and two full months they removed zero reviews! They are also trying to charge me another month. Stay away!

    Save your money."

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