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  • Reachlocal


    2.3 (18 reviews)
    • PR and Marketing
    • www.reachlocal.com

    "spent over $6000 on social media
    what a waist of money
    we have our own anaylitics and we only had 5 clicks to our website"

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  • Precise Leads

    Precise Leads

    1.3 (35 reviews)
    • PR and Marketing
    • www.preciseleads.com

    "signed up for an account paid for leads and never got one lead for the area requested."

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  • Social Buzzing

    Social Buzzing

    3.0 (47 reviews)
    • PR and Marketing
    • www.socialbuzzing.co.uk

    "The Mirror newspaper has investigated Social Buzzing in two news stories on the fake reviews industry. These are available online at the links below.
    Look at the reviews on Google and Trustpilot, and see the same groups of business..."

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  • Dex Media

    Dex Media

    1.3 (35 reviews)
    • PR and Marketing
    • www.dexmedia.com

    "after being with yp for a while we have always come into problems i had my product for a few months after keeping track of calls coming in and form fills i sent it to my rep and to the girl that did my online content i let them..."

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  • AMCsurveys


    1.6 (21 reviews)
    • PR and Marketing
    • www.amcsurveys.com

    "Do you do survey you will not receive anything I did for Vasgil wipes nothing. Kept calling no help useless. Stop lying to people keep your lousy 20.00 which you not going to give anyway."

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  • Thryv


    2.2 (35 reviews)
    • PR and Marketing
    • corporate.thryv.com

    "I spent almost 10,000 with no results, only a rep who kept telling me it was because my budget was small.
    I finally called customer care to cancel, a rep named Vick Bhola, called &;;; said he felt bad for me that thyrv had ripp..."

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  • Theoremreach


    1.7 (26 reviews)
    • PR and Marketing
    • theoremreach.com

    "Was chargedback 94 times all at once and account disabled. It definitely took some time to fill out all those surveys. Contacting support from my website automatically generates an automated response. One that you cannot reply..."

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  • SalesGenie


    1.4 (15 reviews)
    • PR and Marketing
    • www.salesgenie.com

    "I have used sales genee now for close to 2 years and Have been selling Medicare for 3 years as a medicare plan specialist. These leads are very good about 5 % are old where a man or woman were divorced from their spouse and the on..."

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  • 4 Star Sales and Marketing

    4 Star Sales and Marketing

    1.0 (12 reviews)
    • PR and Marketing
    • network4star.com

    "Horrible service, one lead that was pure garbage"

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  • PostcardMania


    2.5 (18 reviews)
    • PR and Marketing
    • www.postcardmania.com

    "Hi..I would like to check with you. I have check, my parcel arrived at POS laju segambut on 23june. It has been 3 days and it still not been sent out. How long it will takes for it to be sent out to me? My parcel no PL376642****99"

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