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  • DexYP


    1.1 (50 reviews)
    • PR and Marketing
    • www.dexyp.com

    "I called customer service last year to let DEX know the previous advertising was not correct AND that I had not intended to renew in the first place. Apparently at some point I signed an auto-renewal that is perpetual. I now have..."

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  • Reachlocal


    1.6 (18 reviews)
    • PR and Marketing
    • www.reachlocal.com

    "spent over $6000 on social media
    what a waist of money
    we have our own anaylitics and we only had 5 clicks to our website"

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  • Sitel Group

    Sitel Group

    2.1 (17 reviews)
    • PR and Marketing
    • www.sitel.com

    "I have work tomorrow at 8am and my computer want come on and everything is plugged up right I click on the button nothing"

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  • Precise Leads

    Precise Leads

    1.3 (35 reviews)
    • PR and Marketing
    • www.preciseleads.com

    "signed up for an account paid for leads and never got one lead for the area requested."

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  • Branded Surveys

    Branded Surveys

    2.2 (34 reviews)
    • PR and Marketing
    • surveys.gobranded.com

    "Been with Branded Surveys since 2020 as a way to earn some money on a here and there type basis. But when I logged into my email and clicked on the notification link to connect directly with the survey as I normally would do..."

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  • Social Buzzing

    Social Buzzing

    2.9 (48 reviews)
    • PR and Marketing
    • www.socialbuzzing.co.uk

    "I got contacted when I was looking for a social media media job, so I took the opportunity, and did a trial run. With next to no support during it, I had to make multiple posts for a random company. Currently having a hard time..."

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  • TheoremReach


    1.9 (37 reviews)
    • PR and Marketing
    • theoremreach.com

    "Heres a fine example:
    You click on a survey thats 10 mins and worth 1750 pts = 1.75$ like I did on one of them, the very last page after your previous time taking survey, it freezes.. wont compensate so you go to contact and let th..."

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  • Thryv


    2.8 (44 reviews)
    • PR and Marketing
    • corporate.thryv.com

    "terrible customer service rip off charged over $2000 for marketing before final unimpressive proposal.
    Have refused to credit current user a refund/ vague overview of program / tried to talk person back into proposal claiming Ai ma..."

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  • Harland Clarke

    Harland Clarke

    1.8 (30 reviews)
    • PR and Marketing
    • www.harlandclarke.com

    "Not worth discussing.. I hate i hate there service.just go out of business!!!go go go go out of business"

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  • Dex Media

    Dex Media

    1.1 (35 reviews)
    • PR and Marketing
    • www.dexmedia.com

    "after being with yp for a while we have always come into problems i had my product for a few months after keeping track of calls coming in and form fills i sent it to my rep and to the girl that did my online content i let them..."

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