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  • Publishers Clearing House

    Publishers Clearing House

    2.4 (712 reviews)
    • PR and Marketing
    • www.pch.com

    "Order # 3069 55** **73 -- Dust Daddy
    My Customer ID is: 021 2270 ****
    This product appears to be defective.
    For one, I can not connect the Ergonomic Grip to
    the Adapter and the Tubes. I spent ½ hour trying
    to do it and it just wont cli..."

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  • Hibu


    2.3 (134 reviews)
    • PR and Marketing
    • hibu.com

    "DontThe absolute worst company. Complete scam. They have a computer bot that gives you views on your website but never buys. Do totally fake inflation of daily views on your analytics on your website. There campaigns are ran by..."

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  • Egumball


    4.8 (47 reviews)
    • PR and Marketing
    • www.egumball.com

    "They have never really worked as they described they would. Tried to cancel they anted us to pay out the contract. It never really worked They were showing me how it worked...umm that is because I have been using a different..."

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  • Z57


    1.2 (66 reviews)
    • PR and Marketing
    • www.z57.com

    "I cancelled my Web Site with Z57 on 12/19/19 but they continued to charge my Charge Card in January WITHOUT MY PERMISSION. I still have not received my refund. Do not work with them... they have TERRIBLE Customer Service."

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  • Market America

    Market America

    3.4 (52 reviews)
    • PR and Marketing
    • www.marketamerica.com

    "Why after registering and receiving the bank documents, a message from the bank that we can not do and the reason Chex

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  • Samplicio Us

    Samplicio Us

    1.2 (63 reviews)
    • PR and Marketing
    • samplicio.us

    "Hi! I enjoy taking your surveys and have done so for many years. I used to get them on instagc.com but I don't anymore. They said it is something on your end. Can you help?"

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  • Get It Free

    Get It Free

    1.3 (41 reviews)
    • PR and Marketing
    • getitfree.us

    "This service will not stop sending me pop ups and ads even though I unsubscribed through my email which is what they told me to do"

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  • Renterperks


    2.8 (17 reviews)
    • PR and Marketing
    • www.renterperks.com

    "WelAs I said I have received an Amazon scam from this number and it turns out he place of business is rent king? Of course I didnt fall for it ? Even your employee blew this off ! I even sent a screen shot of the message as proof..."

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  • SurveyMonkey


    1.5 (47 reviews)
    • PR and Marketing
    • www.surveymonkey.com

    "Please call me @ 919-286-**** x176918 about a invoice for a bill
    Durham VA hospital
    I need a account number"

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  • DexYP


    2.0 (50 reviews)
    • PR and Marketing
    • www.dexyp.com

    "I called customer service last year to let DEX know the previous advertising was not correct AND that I had not intended to renew in the first place. Apparently at some point I signed an auto-renewal that is perpetual. I now have..."

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