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  • "Mail Service Center 522 W. Mermod, Carlsbad, NM 88220
    I dropped off a package to be shipped through FedEx 2day and was charged $52.38, when I questioned the amount I was told "that is the quoted rate for FedEx". I went back to my c..."

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  • "This company advertises on its website (www.mailitkc.com) that,"Our staff prides itself on our expertise and understanding of the package transportation network. We know all the rules and tricks that allow us to guide you on the..."

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  • "Put mail delivery on hold with a resume date of "will call"since dates for out of state family funeral were not firm. Was advised by clerk to do so was ok. Upon picking mail up I was lectured by PM on regulations and it was my fau..."

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  • "It seems that what you are paying may not be the lowest rate but one that generates the most profit for a shipping center.
    If you shop at: PDQ Mail Plus in Larchmont, you can be guaranteed that you are paying for more than needed...."

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  • Eagle Postal Center

    Eagle Postal Center

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    • www.eaglepostal.com

    "Michael Bishop has outstanding invoices amounting to about $1000. He cannot pay these bills and anyone who is looking to do business with Eagle Postal Center #10 should be not. You will not see a penny.

    Others listed on his website..."

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  • "I was wrong with the address but i corrected it the next day.but until now my agency has not received it yet.i shipped it last monday aug 4 with the corrected address but it pissed me off because they did not deliver it on time....."

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  • China Post

    China Post

    1.0 (1 review)
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    • www.chinapost.com.cn

    "Iam gussying its like another order of mine where they agreed to take item back in a limited time frame and without them covering shipping when it was there fault
    Scam I guess"

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  • Cargo Expreso

    Cargo Expreso

    1.0 (1 review)
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    • www.cargoexpreso.com

    "Responded to a Craigslist ad for concert tickets at a price that sounded too good to be true. Seller was out of state but suggested use of CargoEX PRO in that they provide an escrow service. The terms were legitimate and I entered..."

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  • Australia Post

    Australia Post

    2.0 (1 review)
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    • auspost.com.au

    "I am a 79 year old pensioner whose wife is in care with Dementia and expects a trustworthy and efficient service from people handling your mail etc
    Recently I was expecting a parcel which was way over due and I constantly emailed..."

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  • Artistic Labels

    Artistic Labels

    1.3 (1 review)
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    • www.artisticlabels.com

    "Aug 1 I ordered address labels at 13. 55 with my last name and my husbands last name. I received them today 9/14/19 after many calls asking them where my order was. They did not have any answers. I open my package and was shocked..."

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