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  • USPS


    1.6 (1,466 reviews)
    • Post
    • www.usps.com

    "Mailman returns some mail instead of delivering. USPS or local post office has no customer service. No live person to call."

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  • India Post

    India Post

    1.6 (63 reviews)
    • Post
    • www.indiapost.gov.in

    "no response from the company which is a terrible service
    as a minimum responsibility someone from somewhere should communicate"

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  • Change-My-Address Com

    Change-My-Address Com

    1.2 (21 reviews)
    • Post
    • www.change-my-address.com

    "Should of been 1.05 was charged 79.95. I need that money how could that happen? Think it is save from post office not!!!"

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  • Canada Post

    Canada Post

    2.0 (23 reviews)
    • Post
    • www.canadapost.ca

    "My parcel was showing delivered but i didnt reached yo the destination as it is showing deliver in the tracking status. So i want my refund back"

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  • Royal Mail

    Royal Mail

    2.0 (15 reviews)
    • Post
    • www.royalmail.com

    "Post office put wrong postcode latter i realised on my receipt. And my latter didn't not arrived yet, but it's was a first class delivery."

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  • EMS


    1.1 (31 reviews)
    • Post
    • www.ems.post

    "sent a package from Japan to Belgium on June 7th 2021 using EMS. The package was suppose to arrive ~1 week later. However, it took them more than 2 months to determine that they actually lost my package somewhere on the way......"

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  • Stamps


    1.4 (9 reviews)
    • Post
    • www.stamps.com

    "Hello, My latest tracking numbers are not available and not showing up. Please respond. Thank you, Linda Nash"

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  • Goin Postal

    Goin Postal

    1.4 (9 reviews)
    • Post
    • www.goinpostal.com

    "This place will not answer their phones during regular business hours. I have no clue if they have even sent my package &;; their corporate office thinks it's okay they do not answer there phones. I paid over 100.00 to ge my..."

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  • Traveling Mailbox

    Traveling Mailbox

    2.1 (16 reviews)
    • Post
    • travelingmailbox.com

    "Traveling Mailbox has mis-classified and destroyed several of our packages, marking them as letters despite opening the package and seeing the - non paper - contents. They are offering zero recourse to make things right. Angry..."

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  • MailBox Forwarding

    MailBox Forwarding

    2.6 (12 reviews)
    • Post
    • www.mailboxforwarding.com

    "I have used Mailbox Forwarding for a few years now and how found them to be helpful and fairly priced."

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