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  • USPS


    1.6 (1400 reviews)
    • Post
    • www.usps.com

    "It's funny how they claim no access to delivery location but we're able to deliver my other mail just fine. How is the postal service able to get away with lying like this? My packages are always late, I can't even request a hold..."

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  • India Post

    India Post

    1.8 (41 reviews)
    • Post
    • www.indiapost.gov.in

    "Article No:EM45785****IN (Inland Speed Post) has been booked on 09/06/2021 13:55:34. Track your Article @***.indiapost.gov.in.
    10 day completed for speed post but not received me and I am tracking no but showing status so pls solve..."

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  • Change-My-Address Com

    Change-My-Address Com

    1.2 (21 reviews)
    • Post
    • www.change-my-address.com

    "Should of been 1.05 was charged 79.95. I need that money how could that happen? Think it is save from post office not!!!"

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  • EMS


    1.1 (28 reviews)
    • Post
    • www.ems.post

    "i ordered a stihl leaf blower,they sent a cell charging cord.there second try turned up missing.the tracking seem to be bullshit.it did not make sense.could be scammers.am going to contact paypal.ordered from FanyingNuohao@***.com"

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  • Canada Post

    Canada Post

    2.1 (18 reviews)
    • Post
    • www.canadapost.ca

    "The mail delivery person for our condo building is lacking in many ways.
    We often have mail in our lobby boxes for other addresses.
    Today, a parcel from the USA addressed to me was left on a shelf in the front lobby. This area has t..."

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  • Stamps


    1.2 (6 reviews)
    • Post
    • www.stamps.com

    "Horrible horrible company I had two accounts opened under the same e mail. I only used once and thought I cancelled but one of them was opened since 3 years ago! No refound was made! I think they make money. I hope people never..."

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  • Royal Mail

    Royal Mail

    1.3 (4 reviews)
    • Post
    • www.royalmail.com

    "Ive had to order a home test kit for my child it says its been delivered but it hasnt and now theres no way of contacting and getting help ridiculous"

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  • Traveling Mailbox

    Traveling Mailbox

    2.1 (16 reviews)
    • Post
    • travelingmailbox.com

    "Traveling Mailbox has mis-classified and destroyed several of our packages, marking them as letters despite opening the package and seeing the - non paper - contents. They are offering zero recourse to make things right. Angry..."

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  • MailBox Forwarding

    MailBox Forwarding

    2.6 (12 reviews)
    • Post
    • www.mailboxforwarding.com

    "I have used Mailbox Forwarding for a few years now and how found them to be helpful and fairly priced."

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  • Goin Postal

    Goin Postal

    1.5 (8 reviews)
    • Post
    • www.goinpostal.com

    "Took an 8X10 original painting already bubble wrapped. They put it in a box charged 2.00, then quoted 18.44 for UPS OVERNIGHT. TRACKING RECEIPT SAID 02/35, 11:59 PM. I MENTIONED EXORBITANT PRICE, CLERK SAID IT'S NEXT DAY (I..."

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