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  • Roto Rooter

    Roto Rooter

    1.5 (227 reviews)
    • Plumbing
    • www.rotorooter.com

    "I was trying to fix my outdoor spigot that leaks water while running into the hose. I couldn't get the valve stem to come loose so I could replace the washer to fix the drip. I explained it to Roto-Rooter over the phone and had I..."

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  • Benjamin Franklin Plumbing

    Benjamin Franklin Plumbing

    1.7 (132 reviews)
    • Plumbing
    • www.benjaminfranklinplumbing.com

    "I received a coupon in the mail for 50% off the cost of service call from Benjamin Franklin Plumbing.
    A few days later my kitchen sink was leaking. I called Benjamin Franklin Plumbing , they came out the next day! The technician Cr..."

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  • Plumbforce Direct

    Plumbforce Direct

    1.6 (119 reviews)
    • Plumbing
    • www.plumbforcedirect.co.uk

    PlumbForce Direct are crooks and I wished I read the online reviews before I booked them. Do not use this company!! If zero stars was an option it would be too high a score. Scott the manager should be sacked and h..."

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  • Gillece Services

    Gillece Services

    3.1 (19 reviews)
    • Plumbing
    • www.gillece.com

    "Charged my wife over $3000 dollars for furnace repair which was more than furnace and central air cost together. The guy and his employees are theives,"

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  • Mr Rooter

    Mr Rooter

    1.4 (18 reviews)
    • Plumbing
    • www.mrrooter.com

    "Overcharge you for water jetting the pipes. They charged me 6700 dollars and then told me it would be 1200 more for water jetting and then used my water to over jet. I looked at the reviews, and they were horrible, so I asked..."

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  • Beacon Plumbing

    Beacon Plumbing

    1.5 (31 reviews)
    • Plumbing
    • www.beaconplumbing.net

    "I call them up to come over to look at my furnace. They show up at my house in an hour. They look at my furnace and told me it's not working and want over $400 for diagnostic and give me an option to replace with a new furnace aro..."

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  • Bonfe


    1.3 (17 reviews)
    • Plumbing
    • www.bonfe.com

    "Unnecessary charges.
    Bonfe came to do a seasonal system check on furnace, water heater and air conditioner. I was told the water heater was leaking gas and that the air conditioner was in need of Freon all for a grand total of $764..."

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  • Rooter Hero Plumbing

    Rooter Hero Plumbing

    2.0 (15 reviews)
    • Plumbing
    • rooterhero.com

    "January 2019 Rooter Hero did plumbing in my house. Plumbing works fine; however, they unsafely left plastic on floor (did not secure it), My wife fell over the plastic. As a result, she broke two bones near her hip and had to..."

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  • Plumbers Direct

    Plumbers Direct

    0.0 (1 review)
    • Plumbing

    "The guy was late for the first appointment, he came in the afternoon rather than morning, without telling us anything about being late or letting us know. Luckily we were in and agreed the job, albeit a bit worried. He then did..."

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  • Weltman Home Services

    Weltman Home Services

    2.7 (5 reviews)
    • Plumbing
    • www.weltmanhomeservices.com

    "I called them to fix a floaty on a sump pump that cost $6. They tried to convince me I needed a new pump (I showed tech it was working) and he gave me a proposal for $1000. I had another service company come right after them and t..."

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