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  • Howard Beach Studios

    Howard Beach Studios

    1.4 (1 review)
    • Photography
    • www.howardbeachstudios.com

    "I rather stay anonymous because scared that the company will not give me my pictures, but I am really upset the way they came out. No creativity whatsoever. I really think Ally is a nice guy, but really doesn't have the skills..."

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  • Houston Video Photography

    Houston Video Photography

    • Photography
    • www.houstonphotovideo.com

    "I just wanna make clear that Houston Photo Video is NOT the same entity as Houston Video & Photography. So if you have problems with Houston Video & Photography , contact Houston Photo Video (HoustonPhotoVideo.com)It is..."

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  • Devin Ojeda Photography

    Devin Ojeda Photography

    • Photography
    • www.facebook.com

    "She is so rude & dresses so trashy & unprofessional. I just can't believe that the photo's that I took on my phone came out better then the one's I was charged for. DON'T GO TO DEVIN OJEDA PHOTOGRAPHY!!!! MY KIDS ARE MORE..."

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  • CJC Photography

    CJC Photography

    • Photography
    • www.cjcphoto.com

    "I was married in March of 2009 and my sister Elle was married in January of 2010 (she just emailed me about this site!).

    Creighton shot our wedding and was so great to work with, my family and friends just love him. Our photos..."

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  • Bw Ventures Photography

    Bw Ventures Photography

    2.8 (3 reviews)
    • Photography

    "I could not be more unhappy with BW Ventures Photography. They were hired to photographed my wedding on 9/6/14 & I still don't have everything I paid for, it's 7/8/15! It's been almost a year!!

    I'll start at the beginning: W..."

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  • Bob Knight Photography

    Bob Knight Photography

    • Photography
    • www.knightbilhamphoto.com

    "I am requesting graduation pics of my son at Florida Tech. I have 3 order forms dated 01/04/2005 which carries ref numbers: 260575**-**001-0201
    260575**-**003-0198. All with the narrative Florida Tech - set201.

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  • Tyrone Cole Media Photography

    Tyrone Cole Media Photography

    1.0 (2 reviews)
    • Photography

    "56inches (ca. 142 cm) are a lot of times that it doesn't mean th"

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  • Starkatz Photography

    Starkatz Photography

    1.0 (1 review)
    • Photography
    • starkatzphotography.blogspot.com


    I am the Psychic whose reputation this wilbersweeny individual is out to blemish.
    Let it be know that to point out this person is targeting me here is the proof.
    They have not only made false claim that I read for them..."

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  • "First of all your slander just shows the person you are. It is sad that you do not see when you pay someone for the work they provided you get your edited photos which in most cases with busy photographers could be up to 6..."

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  • "James lied all throughout the process: since we hired him, he made excuses to get our pictures to include in DVD. I had to meet him in a parking lot! He wouldn't give us our deposit back to hire another photographer. He told me hi..."

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