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  • Metro Model Management

    Metro Model Management

    1.7 (6 reviews)
    • Photography
    • www.metromodelmanagementusa.com

    "I made same mistake. They asked me to sign contract and told me they were going to do my new portfolio. So she ( Nicole ) took my photos. It was a surprise when I saw the pictures. “ Horrible pictures and never look professional..."

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  • Daniel Arsenault Photography

    Daniel Arsenault Photography

    • Photography
    • www.danielarsenault.com

    "I have known Dan for 5 years and he is the best photographer I have meet
    Not only brilliant but a very nice person , he has constantly gone out of his way to help me , a true gentle spirit
    His photographs speak deadly of the huma..."

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  • Beautiful Photo Props

    Beautiful Photo Props

    2.5 (3 reviews)
    • Photography
    • www.beautifulphotoprops.com

    "Kim Ferrgulia of Beautiful Photo Props stole images from my photography company when she knew they were not of her product. She has never sold to me before (she should have looked up an order under my name to confirm as well as AS..."

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  • Steve Huff

    Steve Huff

    1.1 (2 reviews)
    • Photography
    • www.stevehuffphoto.com

    "Steve Huff is a major scammer. Will do anything for a buck. Used to sell *** with a rape theme. He ripped me off on some audio equipment. "

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  • Snapflash Photo Booths

    Snapflash Photo Booths

    1.3 (4 reviews)
    • Photography
    • www.snapflashphotobooth.com

    "Purchased a 2nd machine in November 2017. Found out after the fact that they were in default of their license payments for the software. Never loaded Windows onto computer and flash burned out after only a few shows. Never..."

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  • "I had pictures taken in May and the photographer wrote on my receipt "3 weeks" for pics to arrive. Well, 4 months later, after numerous phone calls,voice mails & e-mails, I hadn't received a single response or my pictures This..."

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  • CW Jacobs Online

    CW Jacobs Online

    1.0 (4 reviews)
    • Photography
    • www.cwjacobsonline.com

    "His new page is @callmemrjacobs"

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  • Mooses Camera Tips

    Mooses Camera Tips

    3.5 (3 reviews)
    • Photography
    • www.cameratips.com

    "I was attempting to order 2 sets of cards for my Nikon DSL2. Everything went fine (including entry of my credit card info) and went I click the button to submit for payment, ****BOOM****, with an error noting the interface (Micros..."

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  • Majestic Photography

    Majestic Photography

    1.0 (4 reviews)
    • Photography
    • www.majesticpics504.com

    "NEVER ever use this man Sean Johnson is a FRAUD!!! I waited and waited for pictures he took of my daughter for basketball and have been waiting for more than several months. I call and get sent to voicemail but then the voicemail..."

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  • Karki Family Photography

    Karki Family Photography

    4.8 (1 review)
    • Photography

    "One of the WORST experiences of doing business with someone. I have sent multiple emails and called almost 20+ times to Carrie & her assistant April Fletcher. They do not pick up the calls and have not responded to my emails o..."

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