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  • Alpha Max Gains

    Alpha Max Gains

    1.4 (16 reviews)
    • Pharmacy
    • alphamaxgainex.com

    "No one has returned my request I want to cancel all orders and the money back on my card what I ordered was $39.95 and I was billed 1995 I will need to cancel this order please you can't put one price and then charge someone..."

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  • RightSourceRX


    1.5 (17 reviews)
    • Pharmacy
    • www.rightsourcerx.com

    "been trying for 48 hours to get to prescription refill mail order my computer says their computer is off line and since phone is only online from 8am to 6 or 8 pm mon to fri it can be hard to get them by phone."

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  • Pharmacy Direct Of South Africa

    Pharmacy Direct Of South Africa

    1.3 (26 reviews)
    • Pharmacy
    • www.pharmacydirect.co.za

    "On 24 November 2021 I submitted my script to Pharmacy Direct. Today is the 13th of December and I have still not received it.
    I phone every day and then I get promised that a manager will phone me back. That has not happened and I..."

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  • Big Mountain Drugs

    Big Mountain Drugs

    3.7 (16 reviews)
    • Pharmacy
    • www.bigmountaindrugs.com

    "After going through most of completing the order, they kept trying to force me to join a "savings membership program". They were insisting i join the program, they ended hanging up on me. They had already got my credit card info,..."

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  • Xlpharmacy


    3.2 (5 reviews)
    • Pharmacy

    "They are a legit pharmacy but their order processing is a nightmare. Confirmation emails are never sent. And even if you receive one your credit card will NOT be charged. My complaint is the opposite of some here. They will NOT..."

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  • Reckitt Benckiser

    Reckitt Benckiser

    1.5 (17 reviews)
    • Pharmacy
    • www.rb.com

    "Originally because no one can open the gel blocker - four adults have tried.
    However, I have tried five times to complain using phone and laptop - it is nigh impossible. Form won't submit and I can't find an e mail address."

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  • Humana Pharmacy

    Humana Pharmacy

    1.6 (37 reviews)
    • Pharmacy
    • www.humanapharmacy.com

    "Despite assurances that I would be contacted ONLY by email I continue to receive calls about refills. Talking with customer service this morning was useless, kept repeating the same rite answer over and over. She said that no..."

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  • United Naturals

    United Naturals

    2.1 (26 reviews)
    • Pharmacy
    • www.unitednaturals.com

    "I clicked the wrong button, and I was charged $199.00 on my credit card, so be careful when ordering this product. Thank you, Pissed Consumer, for helping me with this problem.
    As far as United Naturals, they contacted me very quic..."

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  • Pfizer


    2.5 (12 reviews)
    • Pharmacy
    • www.pfizer.com

    "After filling a prescription, went to my car started reading all the side effects, with family history took prescribed meds back into pharmacy and they wouldnt refund , said I had to call Pfizer, I did they said they would refund..."

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  • Catamaran


    1.4 (23 reviews)
    • Pharmacy

    "When I call to see what kind of coverage I have they hang up, or they say I have the wrong number. Or they say they sell books.
    They have me down as having something of their medical or what ever I'm supposed to have but, the custo..."

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