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  • Walgreens


    2.2 (1,347 reviews)
    • Pharmacy

    "Never open.
    Missing prescriptions.
    Staff disgruntled.
    No managers.
    Rumor is you don't pay.
    M-F close at 6pm.
    Closed all weekend.
    Always a 2nd trip.
    Clerk says go to mail order or whatever."

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  • CVS Pharmacy

    CVS Pharmacy

    2.1 (1,245 reviews)
    • Pharmacy

    "I take a biologic med that has to be filled through CVS specialty pharmacy and gets delivered to my local CVS. Got a text message that my med was delivered and ready for pick up. Got to the counter and young woman can't even find..."

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  • Rite Aid

    Rite Aid

    2.3 (369 reviews)
    • Pharmacy

    "Called 3 days in a row, no one would answer the phone, kept pushing to record. Called front of store they paged them (she was extremely apologetic), but the woman in pharmacy was very rude said they were busy!! Is this a..."

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  • Express Scripts

    Express Scripts

    1.8 (508 reviews)
    • Pharmacy

    "I have numerous complaints regarding issues I have encountered with Express Scripts. The specific concerns are as follows:
    1. Refusal to cover increased costs for prescriptions filled at outside pharmacies, while simultaneously inc..."

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  • OptumRx


    1.5 (546 reviews)
    • Pharmacy

    "Im in South Carolina however prescription delivered to Florida
    I need my meds!!
    Looks like it was sent back to original sender."

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  • CVS Caremark

    CVS Caremark

    1.6 (322 reviews)
    • Pharmacy

    "had an issue with my script. called to ask why prescription was denied at Walgreens .Customer service rep was absolutely RUDE. Hubby was sick so i was on line as insurance holder. Even though he identified himself she asked if i..."

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  • Boots


    2.2 (198 reviews)
    • Pharmacy

    "very poor CS service - tried calling 4 different CS numbers left held for over 30mins so gave up each time... AI robot useless... Boots has lost their way ... used to be a respectful household name and service provider.."

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  • Relaxium Sleep

    Relaxium Sleep

    1.3 (239 reviews)
    • Pharmacy

    "This product is a hoax I wish to send it back and get a refund will not recommend believed it would and saw it on Tv. Tried it for 2 weeks and it didnt relax me at all. What else can I say but the product doesnt work let me send..."

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  • Accredo


    1.2 (281 reviews)
    • Pharmacy

    "I don't even need to go in depth about it, anyone who's used them knows that they're the worst pharmacy to go through. Seven weeks and counting that I have been waiting for my MS medications due to their incompetence."

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  • BlueChew


    1.9 (143 reviews)
    • Pharmacy

    "I still don't know how to get a refill on the prescription. This has been the most difficult thing to get filled so far."

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