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  • Walgreens


    2.2 (1,304 reviews)
    • Pharmacy
    • www.walgreens.com

    "I have taken auto refill off 8 times and it keeps getting changed back. I hate auto fill. I called the pharmacy and was on hold for 2 hours and 27 seconds! Then Walgreens cut the call. This was the 2nd time I was left on hold and..."

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  • CVS Pharmacy

    CVS Pharmacy

    2.1 (1,197 reviews)
    • Pharmacy
    • www.cvs.com

    "My daughter waited on her script for a hour when she went to register they said another 45 mintues so she came home. I came to get her script 3 hours later and the man says I need to wait another 15 minutes at the window and..."

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  • Rite Aid

    Rite Aid

    2.3 (358 reviews)
    • Pharmacy
    • www.riteaid.com

    "I need to speak to someone in reference to a complaint at you all Rite Aid in Colonial Heights, Virginia"

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  • OptumRx


    1.5 (539 reviews)
    • Pharmacy
    • www.optumrx.com

    "I had a question about 90 days supply medication. Woman who helped me accent was so thick I could enot understand her and it sounded like she was in a disco club in the background. She was rude cause I couldn't understand her...."

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  • Express Scripts

    Express Scripts

    1.8 (462 reviews)
    • Pharmacy
    • www.express-scripts.com

    "From now on I will call the union instead of you. You are imposible to reach unless I want to talk to a machine that doesn't understand me."

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  • CVS Caremark

    CVS Caremark

    1.7 (298 reviews)
    • Pharmacy
    • www.caremark.com

    "They shipped meds to wrong address and acted like it was my fault. I never heard of the address and have lived here 14 years. They said I updated to wrong address. Someone must have hacked my account. Tried to tell them they were..."

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  • Relaxium Sleep

    Relaxium Sleep

    1.3 (230 reviews)
    • Pharmacy
    • www.tryrelaxium.com

    "Wanted to sign up for the free offer. Thought it was gonna be charge $17 and was charged $219 never received anything cant get a hold of company."

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  • Us Online Pharmacy

    Us Online Pharmacy

    1.2 (116 reviews)
    • Pharmacy
    • www.usonlinepharmacy.org

    "Two phone calls a day from various numbers. Unsolicited. Trying to sell me Viagra. Don't give them contact info"

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  • Boots


    2.4 (160 reviews)
    • Pharmacy
    • www.boots.com

    "one hour on phone having received the wrong order couldnt send the required order which was ordered on Monday for my holiday on Sunday. One girl put the phone down when I gave her the right model and said it doesnt come up.
    Will or..."

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  • Accredo


    1.2 (235 reviews)
    • Pharmacy
    • www.accredo.com

    "Approved for medication two weeks ago. Have contacted Accredo twice, its been expedited they say, youll hear from us within 48 hours. Have heard nothing from them."

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