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  • K9 Kennel Store

    K9 Kennel Store

    1.6 (22 reviews)
    • Pet Stores
    • k9kennelstore.com

    "We order a complete value kennel with jumbo dog house. The kennel arrived earlier than expected but was missing the jumbo dog house and had the completely wrong installation instructions. When I talked to the company, the first..."

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  • Jordan Family Treasures

    Jordan Family Treasures

    3.1 (21 reviews)
    • Pet Stores
    • www.jordanfamilytreasures.com

    "We placed our deposit for Etta, a giant schnoodle puppy, on January 11, 2018 and were provided a pickup date of March 9th. JFT contacted us several weeks prior to pick-up to see if we wanted ears wired, dew claws removed or the..."

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  • CatGenie


    1.8 (11 reviews)
    • Pet Stores
    • www.catgenie.com

    "Unit beeps but no lights runs water then just stops? Will not drain unit taken apart cleaned hose cleaned still not right."

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  • Simparica


    1.1 (14 reviews)
    • Pet Stores

    "My female German Shepherd is 8 years old. She suddenly started having issues getting up and walking in Feb 2022. I took her to the vet and they said she likely had hip dysplasia, even after x-rays showed no evidence of this. She..."

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  • Petedge


    1.9 (10 reviews)
    • Pet Stores
    • www.petedge.com

    "I canceled my order within ten minutes of making it. He said it would take three to four days to refund the money. It has been six days."

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  • Pet City Pets

    Pet City Pets

    2.7 (11 reviews)
    • Pet Stores
    • petcitypets.com

    "Terrible experience! Rude staff. One of the guy staff member bumbed into me twice and didn't even acknowledge that he did so.Wouldn't recommend your place to nobody. Awful service..I wouldnt care if you were giving free dogs away..."

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  • Okayseason


    1.2 (16 reviews)
    • Pet Stores
    • okayseason.com

    "I reached withdraw limit which is 500gram and I make a withdrawal since 26th of December, 2022.
    Since the it still on pending"

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  • Blue Buffalo

    Blue Buffalo

    1.5 (11 reviews)
    • Pet Stores
    • bluebuffalo.com

    "Some articles state pea protein is dangerous in that it can cause DCM. I have concerns, please advise."

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  • Kaytee


    2.0 (13 reviews)
    • Pet Stores
    • www.kaytee.com

    "We recently purchased a bag of Timothy hay, and it's literally all small but and dust. Not to sure whats going on but we are extremely disappointed"

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  • The Monkey Whisperer

    The Monkey Whisperer

    1.7 (7 reviews)
    • Pet Stores
    • themonkeywhisperer.com

    "AngryAngryAfter buying my first monkey from him I was happy with it all so I decided to get another one. After many tries of trying to appease him with where to place a deposit I got so frustrated with him and then the abuse..."

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