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  • Hartz


    2.2 (14 reviews)
    • Pet Stores
    • www.hartz.com

    "These packets of hartz delectable treats are expensive as it is its been enough just trying to find the damn things on shelves let alone onl having half a packet full when you open them!!! There is not enough food for one cat in..."

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  • Fresh Step

    Fresh Step

    2.5 (17 reviews)
    • Pet Stores
    • www.freshstep.com

    "The product is great, but the paw points program is a joke. If t hey wanted it to work, they could insert a paper inside the bag with the code. Instead, they print something illegible on the outside which wears off quickly. If..."

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  • Petacco


    1.3 (21 reviews)
    • Pet Stores
    • petacco.com

    "Iv been waiting since may 2020 its now 27feb 2021 9 months and no goods and no replys to email its all a scam"

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  • K9 Kennel Store

    K9 Kennel Store

    1.7 (20 reviews)
    • Pet Stores
    • k9kennelstore.com

    "Took weeks to get shipped and sat at the distribution center for three more weeks because they would not communicate with the shipper about how to get the pallet of parts to my residence. Looks like I will have to unload the..."

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  • KitNipBox


    4.0 (14 reviews)
    • Pet Stores
    • www.kitnipbox.com

    "They charge $20, and it's not worth it at all. They advertise food, and you never get any, or treats. Not only that, but they send small, cheaply made toys that you can get at the dollar tree in my opinion."

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  • Jordan Family Treasures

    Jordan Family Treasures

    3.1 (21 reviews)
    • Pet Stores
    • www.jordanfamilytreasures.com

    "We placed our deposit for Etta, a giant schnoodle puppy, on January 11, 2018 and were provided a pickup date of March 9th. JFT contacted us several weeks prior to pick-up to see if we wanted ears wired, dew claws removed or the..."

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  • The Finch Farm

    The Finch Farm

    1.4 (18 reviews)
    • Pet Stores
    • thefinchfarm.com

    "I order one Parrot last year of Dec 2020 and from that time till now I didn't receive my parrot. I called or sent email to that fraud company, but nobody replied or shipped my order as Parrot to my home. They are really fraud who..."

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  • Petedge


    1.9 (10 reviews)
    • Pet Stores
    • www.petedge.com

    "I canceled my order within ten minutes of making it. He said it would take three to four days to refund the money. It has been six days."

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  • Pet City Pets

    Pet City Pets

    2.7 (11 reviews)
    • Pet Stores
    • petcitypets.com

    "Terrible experience! Rude staff. One of the guy staff member bumbed into me twice and didn't even acknowledge that he did so.Wouldn't recommend your place to nobody. Awful service..I wouldnt care if you were giving free dogs away..."

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  • CatGenie


    2.0 (9 reviews)
    • Pet Stores
    • www.catgenie.com

    "SadThe scooper drops *** back into litter box and I keep having draining problems. I'm so bummed out....I have spent over 500 hundred dollars on the cat genie and it causes more problems than solutions."

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