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  • Petlab Co

    Petlab Co

    3.5 (63 reviews)
    • Pet Stores

    "Customer service was great! Product is great ! Mistake was 100% taken care of by the amazing customer service team. Thank you to the company"

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  • Luvsome


    2.2 (74 reviews)
    • Pet Stores

    "I did not need a vet. I needed an answer as to why the cat litter is very dusty and does not deodorize the smell.this T"

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  • Littermaid


    1.7 (70 reviews)
    • Pet Stores

    "LitterMaid P70016-3 died, no real answers to trouble shoot and made the mistake of calling that number.whoa some real $#@& answered and was awful and said I was out of luck as it was out of warranty and offered NO helpful..."

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  • CanadaPetCare


    3.2 (91 reviews)
    • Pet Stores

    "I ordered a 6 month supply of Simparica Trio which is supposed to be packaged in one box. When it arrived, there were 6 separate doses packed in two opened boxes. Each of the pills were wrapped separately, with no identifying..."

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  • Don Sullivan

    Don Sullivan

    2.4 (42 reviews)
    • Pet Stores

    "Its not good that you do not have a customer service phone number where you can speak with a live person. I had questions about my order. They were supposed to be a 12 piece steamer for the floor with attachments and they said..."

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  • In The Company Of Dogs

    In The Company Of Dogs

    1.5 (62 reviews)
    • Pet Stores

    "It was recommended that I get a large. Since it is to be personalized I wanted the correct size. Time will tell. They should arrive in 2-3 weeks."

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  • EverPet


    1.5 (45 reviews)
    • Pet Stores

    "I ordered a box of Everpet powder appx one month for my dog who has kidney disease and also setup auto-ship. To
    date i still dont have my order. Could you please give me the status of order please ?
    I can only be reached via email.

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  • Litter Robot

    Litter Robot

    2.8 (50 reviews)
    • Pet Stores

    "The tray for the odor trap is missing from my Litter Robot 4. Also, I am unable to find the carbon filter easily. Either it is also missing or it is not easily visible. However, I am certain the tray for the odor trap is missing."

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  • Pet Shed

    Pet Shed

    3.2 (48 reviews)
    • Pet Stores

    "I have been purchasing heartworm meds from Petshed for years and the price is unbeatable and none of my dogs have ever gotten heartworms. It may take a bit but just order early. 12 months was $29.95 and 3 months of heartguard is..."

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  • Pug Life Harness

    Pug Life Harness

    1.6 (68 reviews)
    • Pet Stores

    "I purchased a Pug Life harness for my Boxer over a year ago. One of the first times I used it, the clasp popped open. Thankfully, my dog didnt get away, and I thought maybe it wasnt fastened correctly? Today, the clasp totally pop..."

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