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  • The Farmers Dog

    The Farmers Dog

    4.0 (117 reviews)
    • Pet Stores

    "The person was very understanding and very helpful. I couldnt be more pleased. I will definitely continue to use Farmers Dog food"

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  • Conscious Pets

    Conscious Pets

    1.2 (125 reviews)
    • Pet Stores

    "I bought a toy for my dog. The noise it made scared him, so I contacted them for a refund. They would not tell me how to ship it back. They would not issue a refund. I asked for a different toy. They never sent it. I contacted..."

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  • PrettyLitter


    2.2 (112 reviews)
    • Pet Stores

    "Subscription order 6/12 never received. I called the number you gave for pretty litter after 9am and only got message that I was calling outside of business hours, called 10am same message. Sent email, no reply yet"

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  • PetCareRx


    1.8 (52 reviews)
    • Pet Stores

    "I purchased one item from this company back in 2023 for my dog and I had no plans to order from them again. Out of the blue, over one year later, this company attempted to withdraw $54.11 from my bank account without my..."

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  • Seresto


    1.5 (93 reviews)
    • Pet Stores

    "My dog even has tiny fleas, so I know eggs are hatching. Very disappointed in these high-end collars. Also, no, I don't have the damn receipt. It's been 2 months. I didn't think I would have this issue."

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  • Nestle Purina Petcare Company

    Nestle Purina Petcare Company

    2.4 (74 reviews)
    • Pet Stores

    "I haven't heard from anyone. I'm just trying to see if you still make the flake cat food. My cats love it and I can't find it."

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  • BarkBox


    2.0 (80 reviews)
    • Pet Stores

    "They sent toys and chew things that are useless to me since I have small dogs and I dont allow them hard things like that to chew I did text them about it the first box but heard nothing and the second box had the same items"

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  • PetCareSupplies


    2.4 (95 reviews)
    • Pet Stores

    "No matter how many times I unsubscribe, I keep getting spammed. They just keep sending spam emails over and over again. Do not give them your email address."

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  • Best Pet Parent

    Best Pet Parent

    1.1 (65 reviews)
    • Pet Stores

    "Same thing happened to me that happened to a lot of the other people. Ordered, kept getting email run around that order was coming. Never got it, after a very long time they stopped replying to my emails and now it almost looks..."

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  • Somethingsphishy


    2.4 (61 reviews)
    • Pet Stores

    "They don't honor their own policy.
    One fish out of 4 arrived dead, and one dont eat blood worms or other type of food, and less then 2 mm thick
    Above its mouth, meaning for a discus breeder and shop owner, this fish has not been eat..."

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