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  • PetSmart


    2.1 (728 reviews)
    • Pet Stores

    "I ordered wet food from their website. It was not packaged properly and all the cans were dented. When I called to return it I found out that they would not pick up the return that I had to go to a physical FedEx locatiom, which..."

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  • Petco


    2.1 (668 reviews)
    • Pet Stores

    "My baby has hip problems and your slippery floors causes her to slip and hurt herself. Why cant you just put concrete as a floor and put designs on the concrete like birds , cats , dogs etc. Im thinking of stopping my vital care..."

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  • Chewy


    3.7 (441 reviews)
    • Pet Stores

    "Still havent gotten the return slip in the mail. I sure hope it gets here soon. I dont have a printer, so need the actual slip. Thanks!"

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  • PetGentle


    1.8 (312 reviews)
    • Pet Stores

    "I am not receive my command...
    I am hungry and I am lost all in english !!!
    Help me please...
    Where is my command ??"

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  • Amazingly Cat

    Amazingly Cat

    1.4 (285 reviews)
    • Pet Stores

    "I purchased your innovation snake. I received it but it does not work. I charge the snake and I even bought new batteries for the remote. I would like a replacement or a refund.
    I am so disappointed because I bought other items fro..."

    Read All 457 reviews Customer Service
  • Freshpet


    2.0 (214 reviews)
    • Pet Stores

    "I got a roll of fresh pet. I fed it to my dog for 3 days. She loved it and ate it up. But then she had runny stool and started vomiting. Now she won't eat, and she has to go out every 2 hrs. She's also had accidents in the house...."

    Read All 428 reviews Customer Service
  • Doggykingdom


    1.4 (226 reviews)
    • Pet Stores

    "1 hour after I ordered I tried to change my order. No phone # to ever talk to a human being so After an hour I sent E-Mail requesting changes. The next day I received an E-Mail response So Sorry Your order has already been process..."

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  • Petland


    1.4 (110 reviews)
    • Pet Stores

    "Needing someone to return my call asap 217 264 **** you all took money from my saving account for your payment and it will be rejected when it should of came from my checking account"

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  • Diyfeeling Com

    Diyfeeling Com

    1.2 (156 reviews)
    • Pet Stores

    "I bought a large dog bed and got a cheap tiny piece of junk. No refund, no reshipping, no service! Do not buy from these thieves!"

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  • Pet Supplies Plus

    Pet Supplies Plus

    2.5 (126 reviews)
    • Pet Stores

    "I have taken my bernedoodle to the PS+in my neighborhood since less than a year old. I started about 2 years ago to take him to Candelore's Barking beauties because PS+ was suddenly charging so much more. recently went back..."

    Read All 209 reviews Customer Service