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  • PetSmart


    2.0 (669 reviews)
    • Pet Stores
    • www.petsmart.com

    "Product made my water cloudy and its not clearing up . No one knows if it is safe to return my fish back to her aquarium"

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  • Petco


    2.0 (572 reviews)
    • Pet Stores
    • www.petco.com

    "I ordered a 30 pound bag of science diet dog food. Was supposed to be delivered by door dash never got my food. Manager Xavier Salago to me it was door dash fault"

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  • PetGentle


    1.9 (307 reviews)
    • Pet Stores
    • buypetgentle.com

    "Livraison enfin arrivée.
    Plusieurs jours sans nouvelles.
    Difficile de communiquer lorsque je suis sur ne parle pas la même langueue.
    Sur le site n'est pas précisé qu'il n'esaint pas en france."

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  • Amazingly Cat

    Amazingly Cat

    1.4 (285 reviews)
    • Pet Stores
    • www.amazinglycat.com

    "I purchased your innovation snake. I received it but it does not work. I charge the snake and I even bought new batteries for the remote. I would like a replacement or a refund.
    I am so disappointed because I bought other items fro..."

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  • Chewy


    3.4 (259 reviews)
    • Pet Stores
    • www.chewy.com

    "Nothing was trying to get a label and box for a return. Got the box no label. Finally got label. Called to have it picked up no response from fedex. Called again for pick up,finally picked up on 09/23/2022. This been going on..."

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  • Freshpet


    2.1 (186 reviews)
    • Pet Stores
    • freshpet.com

    "I shop at Costco and routinely purchase the Freshpet food for my dog. This last trip, I purchased two bags of the food and my dog would not eat it. The bag looked to have an abnormal amount of green in it. Both batches were bad...."

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  • Doggykingdom


    1.4 (208 reviews)
    • Pet Stores
    • doggykingdom.net

    "I did not receive my order.I was said to be delivered on sept 6I have checked my tracking order and mail carrier"

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  • Diyfeeling Com

    Diyfeeling Com

    1.2 (156 reviews)
    • Pet Stores
    • www.diyfeeling.com

    "I bought a large dog bed and got a cheap tiny piece of junk. No refund, no reshipping, no service! Do not buy from these thieves!"

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  • Petland


    1.4 (104 reviews)
    • Pet Stores
    • www.petland.com

    "The sold me a sick a sick puppy I being going back and forward to veterinary and medications. Since the third day that I bring the puppy home I had tooked him to the vet. 3 months no reply yet."

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  • Conscious Pets

    Conscious Pets

    1.2 (125 reviews)
    • Pet Stores
    • www.consciouspets.com

    "I bought a toy for my dog. The noise it made scared him, so I contacted them for a refund. They would not tell me how to ship it back. They would not issue a refund. I asked for a different toy. They never sent it. I contacted..."

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