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  • Elite Concrete And Formwork

    Elite Concrete And Formwork

    1.7 (1 review)
    • Paving
    • www.eliteconcreteandformwork.com.au

    "These two guys RIZ SUDDOZEHI (Afghan) and FAISAL IRZIQAT (Palestinian) are running this company called Elite Concreting and Formwork.

    ACN: 609 06* 178
    ABN: 836********

    They did a driveway for us for an initial quote of $11,000. But..."

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  • "Hired E&E Concrete to do a backyard project. Upon completion, cracks began to form throughout the backyard. Called the company on several occasions to come to inspect. They made appointments on 3 separate times and did not show..."

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  • East Coast Concrete

    East Coast Concrete

    1.0 (1 review)
    • Paving
    • eastcoastconcreteinc.com

    "Beware! A company that you will soon see in the news for all the consumer complaints. Owner Josh is very personable and will tell you everything you want to hear. *** tell you it will last 20 years. However he only cares about..."

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  • Earth Stone Global

    Earth Stone Global

    • Paving
    • www.earthstoneglobal.co.in

    "We bought some containers with them in the past and paid advance and slowly slowly they started to show their true colours.At fisrt they supply 1 or 2 containers normally and then they started cheating by giving you goods of small..."

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  • Duval Paving LLC

    Duval Paving LLC

    2.0 (1 review)
    • Paving
    • duvalpavingllc.com

    "After several months of promises to repair the work and today being the last of the promised days after nearly 2 months. There were many texts between us always to promising the next few days. The original asphalt was okay but..."

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  • DJs Paving

    DJs Paving

    • Paving
    • djspaving.com

    "On September 11th/2012,DJ's Paving LLC co. did an asphalt job on my driveway.the driveway has a noticeable dip in it that should not be there.After repeated calls to the owner Danny Stevens no one has returned to repair the..."

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  • Concretecontractorfortworth Net

    Concretecontractorfortworth Net

    • Paving
    • concretecontractorfortworth.net

    "Concrete Canvas
    Is Run By AARON Hedge or James He goes by Both
    he has a fb page
    he lives in Saginaw and has screwed over many customers
    he lies and leaves bad reviews of competition, flags and harrasses them, all the while prete..."

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  • Concrete Technology

    Concrete Technology

    1.0 (1 review)
    • Paving

    "Had sidewalk done around pool refinished with this so called coating . It looks horrible & is extremely slippery. They came out to fix it twice. Now they want more money to come out & attempt to fix it again. Must..."

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  • Concrete Safeguard By BCI

    Concrete Safeguard By BCI

    1.0 (1 review)
    • Paving
    • www.bciconcretesealing.com

    "The first year BCI Concrete serviced us was in the summer of 2014, the results were beautiful. We even recommended them to others. The sealing is only required every other season. I outreached the owner Terry Baker at..."

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  • "BEWARE! CONCRETE MAN'S workmanship has Defects, Defects & More Defects. . .
    KENNY LEE RUSSELL ~ d.b.a. CONCRETE MAN should not be in business. Mr. Russell left his crew at our house with no direction and no ability to perform the c..."

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