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  • Madewell Concrete

    Madewell Concrete

    1.0 (2 reviews)
    • Paving
    • madewellconcrete.com

    "am reached out to Madewell in an effort to get some clarity. I sent me complaint to Jacob Claray who hasnt responded to my email in over a month. According to our contractual agreement claims are to be addressed within 30 days. Ma..."

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  • Lenz Custom Concrete

    Lenz Custom Concrete

    1.0 (1 review)
    • Paving

    "Search for Lenz Custom Concrete on the Idaho Repository to see cases filed against Mr. Lenz's business.

    Look Mr. Lenz's license up at the Idaho Bureau of Occupational Licenses to..."

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  • "Driveway in bad shape. Need o replace."

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  • "We hired JC after looking for him for awhile because we had met him while he was doing work at the Aloft Hotel in downtown Asheville. Our driveway is about 1/4 a mile long. JC came and put it together in no time so now we have..."

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  • Heller Concrete

    Heller Concrete

    • Paving
    • www.hellerconcreteinc.com

    "Heller Concrete, Inc. on the Outer Banks of North Carolina does beautiful concrete work. Heller's work is just like the pictures shown on the website, beautiful. Heller Concrete provided outstanding concrete work at my home..."

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  • Deweys Paving

    Deweys Paving

    1.3 (1 review)
    • Paving
    • www.deweyspaving.com

    "Absolutely horrible service and very very poor quality"

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  • "We had a terrible experience dealing with this company. The quote they gave us to lift our walkway was not accurate. They came out to do the job and it could not be done for the price. It would require more material. How would we..."

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  • Bat Concrete Construction

    Bat Concrete Construction

    1.5 (2 reviews)
    • Paving

    "We hired BAT to put in a new drive in July of 2013. Within 6 months of installation it began to flake, crack, popout and fracture. After a great deal of back and forth (and threat of potential legal action) the owner finally..."

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  • Atlas Decorative Concrete

    Atlas Decorative Concrete

    • Paving
    • atlasconcretedesigns.com

    "This has to be the absolute worst concrete installation I have ever had done. In the two years since I contracted them to redo the entire pool deck, I have 15 cracks that are chipping along the entire crack, and the surface of..."

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  • "The two people who own this company do not stand by their word!!

    be very careful in doing business with them DONT DO BUSINESS WITH THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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