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  • Overseas Emigration Visas

    Overseas Emigration Visas

    3.0 (2 reviews)
    • Passports and Visas
    • www.overseas-emigration.co.uk

    "I am Richard Gregan. I own and run OE Visas. I have run this company since last century. I have never once invoiced a client the amount claimed here. I have reviewed all clients and cant find one who matches this person making thi..."

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  • Nzetas Com

    Nzetas Com

    • Passports and Visas
    • www.nzetas.com

    "This site is a scam Stay away from it!"

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  • Immigration Visa Services

    Immigration Visa Services

    1.0 (1 review)
    • Passports and Visas
    • ivsoi.org

    "He is promising a lot of things, but is doing nothing. He takes the money and then doesn't answer the phone. Hundreds of phone calls and voice messages, incompetent, cheater, willing to take advantage of people. Besides other..."

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  • Illimite Migration

    Illimite Migration

    1.0 (2 reviews)
    • Passports and Visas
    • illimitemigration.com

    "I visited them a couple of weeks ago and a dumb blonde woman with a horrible , pretentious accent spoke with me . From the moment she opened her mouth I knew that she is an ugly human being inside - out . They can stoop down to..."

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  • FBP international

    FBP international

    3.6 (2 reviews)
    • Passports and Visas
    • www.fbpintl.com

    "I had applied for my migration to New Zealand but after 3 months of follow up i lost all track and no response was received. I made several calls to the dubai office but was in vain. I even contacted their Adelaide office which wa..."

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  • Canadavisa


    1.9 (2 reviews)
    • Passports and Visas
    • www.canadavisa.com

    "Don’t waste your money in David Cohen firm. I had a terrible experience with them. The reason I hired them is because I was extremely busy with my PhD work and dissertation and stuff, so I figured it would be nice to hire someone..."

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  • VisaOman Net

    VisaOman Net

    • Passports and Visas
    • www.visaoman.net

    "The web site does not contain sufficient information on what to expect when completing the application for an Oman visa. When I uploaded the four photos for my wife and myself (2 face photos and 2 passport photos), and only the..."

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  • VFS Global

    VFS Global

    • Passports and Visas
    • www.vfsglobal.com

    "VFS Global is a Dubai-based outsourcing firm that assist certain governments in processing visa applications.
    A friend of mine required a visa to visit France. France requires visa applications to provide evidence of round trip tic..."

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    4.5 (1 review)
    • Passports and Visas
    • www.usalws.com

    "After several years of unsuccessful applying for visa and unfruitful expectations to immigrate to us we finally found the right company which guided us through the whole process of applying and almost to the very immigration...."

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  • USA ESTA Travel

    USA ESTA Travel

    • Passports and Visas
    • usaestastravel.com

    "For those who plan to visit USA you will need an ESTA visa which ou can apply direct to US government site. Warning to all of you, do not the site www.usaestatravel.com they dont reveal their charges for their service until you..."

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