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  • Dfa Passport Appointment System

    Dfa Passport Appointment System

    2.7 (1,175 reviews)
    • Passports and Visas

    "Hello, I have been trying to book an appointment online, but I can't continue because once I entered my data information the message says that the appointment already exists. It says 'Cancel your previous appointment with..."

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  • Royal Migration

    Royal Migration

    2.9 (88 reviews)
    • Passports and Visas

    "I was guided every step of the way from the initial consultation to the final day until my husband obtained his spouse visa. I was supported and guided throughout the process. Royal Migration Solutions has been extremely helpful..."

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  • Permits And Visas

    Permits And Visas

    2.9 (62 reviews)
    • Passports and Visas

    "We paid the whole amount and after a year we coudn't contact them anymore in the middle of our processing"

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  • Atlys


    2.0 (59 reviews)
    • Passports and Visas

    "they charged me extra for downloading my visa, which I am.not able ti download. they did not finish the name correctly on one of the visa I have and still waiting for them to correct everything. I'm still not able to download..."

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  • Pacific Migration

    Pacific Migration

    1.2 (45 reviews)
    • Passports and Visas

    "I lost $4000 for nothingavoid using them unless you want to donate your money.
    Clearly fake positive reviews signal a scam that takes payment without delivering any actual work."

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  • VFS Global

    VFS Global

    1.7 (15 reviews)
    • Passports and Visas

    "Dear VFS Global Customer Service, I am writing to bring to your attention an issue regarding a payment I made for visa verification and associated Prime and courier services on 30th May 2024. Initially, I paid 5320 rupees via my..."

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  • Proficient Immigration

    Proficient Immigration

    1.7 (19 reviews)
    • Passports and Visas

    "It is the number one fraud consultancy in Dubai. They would be very comfortable if they talked to us first, especially by contacting us on the phone first and then having everything done by their fraudulent staff. Especially the..."

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  • TravelAssist Us

    TravelAssist Us

    1.0 (26 reviews)
    • Passports and Visas

    "The women at the airline desk said I had to go to a certain website to register for a travel visa to my destination or she would not let me board. I did what she said, and at the end it said I needed to pay. It was all BS - they..."

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  • Global Visas

    Global Visas

    1.3 (8 reviews)
    • Passports and Visas

    "GVC made numerous inexplicable errors in my visa application, ignoring the information I filled out and my email confirmations of my information. They left many sections unanswered and others were filled in with random and..."

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  • Brighter Visas

    Brighter Visas

    2.6 (5 reviews)
    • Passports and Visas

    "I was contacted by this scam company last year for Immigration to Australia and I went to their office in Business Bay area in Dubai. I paid the total sum of 5,700 AED to these crooks with the intent I was dealing with a genuine i..."

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