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  • Guideposts


    2.7 (6 reviews)
    • Non Profit Organizations
    • guideposts.org

    "I wanted to order a devotional magazine and your foreign speaking people made it impossible. I have subscribed to Guidepostss products for years and years. This experience has been awful! I am so sorry for that and extremely..."

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  • Papa Inc

    Papa Inc

    2.1 (6 reviews)
    • Non Profit Organizations
    • www.papa.com

    "None payment. I went to work in Deland, and two clients in Deltona. Came to a total of $78.00 and they never paid me. I continue getting emails stating that papa cannot deposit my funds in my account. I have tried sever times to..."

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  • Lilly Cares Foundation

    Lilly Cares Foundation

    1.7 (7 reviews)
    • Non Profit Organizations
    • www.lillycares.com

    "im waiting for a delivery of Insulin and I was put om hold for an hour I am paniced because I'm running out of insulim which I take 4 times /day"

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  • Central Christian Church

    Central Christian Church

    1.0 (4 reviews)
    • Non Profit Organizations
    • www.centralonline.tv

    "I am a famous dancer from Drais nightclub. I thought I would dance
    Down close to the stage when the band played at the beginning of the
    Sermon last Saturday. I have never been disrespected for dancing in my
    Life. I always just try to..."

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  • YouVersion


    2.9 (8 reviews)
    • Non Profit Organizations
    • www.youversion.com

    "First of all, Sierra Stirling sent me a guideance email .But somehow, the link down below email doesn't jump or work at all. I tryed again and again. after 20 7minutes ahead I could call but coundn't catch her reply soon.
    How shoul..."

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  • Medi-Share


    2.0 (8 reviews)
    • Non Profit Organizations
    • www.medishare.com

    "If you're a senior, you'll spend all your time arguing with medical entities trying to get the required forms.
    I sent in all the necessary paperwork for a certain bill. I confirmed with the person who answered the phone that it was..."

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  • International Customer Service Association

    International Customer Service Association

    1.8 (4 reviews)
    • Non Profit Organizations
    • icsatoday.org

    "I let my sister play Roblox because her iPad broke she started playing my favorite game and my sister so awesome things of how to swear on Roblox so she tested it out and I got kicked out of my account please Roblox I am begging..."

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  • Catholic Charities

    Catholic Charities

    1.4 (5 reviews)
    • Non Profit Organizations
    • catholiccharitiesusa.org

    "My lights are off and they send you a email to make a appointment with housing crisis hotline and other agencies right now I can't get help no where and I called other places these agencies are said and they don't care about you..."

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  • Pathway Bible Church

    Pathway Bible Church

    • Non Profit Organizations
    • www.pathwaybiblechurch.org

    "In Mathew Jesus talks about foolish builder who build his house on sand and the house got destroyed through wind and storm. This foolish Pastors build their Church on greediness and God destroyed their temple.

    Matthew 7:25-27

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  • Church Of Malphas

    Church Of Malphas

    • Non Profit Organizations
    • www.churchofmalphas.com

    "This so called circus ring , i a true fairy tale. They lie about everything use fake accounts and it does not matter how old anyone is they are in. They have many criminals in their own so called church. There is no leagle..."

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